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  1. Hello all how much oil should a 164 burn?

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    Am spider owner bought car new in 1990 (89 year), have owned car for 17 years. Have maintained it so it is better than day I bought it. Recently got new head.:) Also 91 164S for 8 years car has 140K. Just got overhaul. Was burning 2 quarts every 350 miles and fouling plugs. Now running in...
  2. German cars burn best

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    From an earlier session of GTR:
  3. money to burn

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    I need some good things to tell my fiancee as i am booking my 147 to go down to autodelta to have the following ecu remap stage 2 cams done turbo conversion might have the induction kit whacked on as well how am i gonna persuade or lass to let me have it ?????
  4. Irresponsibly Burn Your Clutch

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    Something similar to a previous topic (highest Speed), what speed does everyone get with each gear? Gear: MPH: 1st&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp40 2nd&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp75 3rd&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp105 4th&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp140 5th&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp149 so far... probably the most I'll get. Bit of a boy...