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  1. Rant Room
    What's the point of this? Really. WTF. Trendy bars, hotels and restaurants sticking chips in a little galvanised pail or mesh basket. :rant: All for "presentation". I'd rather have a decent portion thanks. And while I'm at it, as many of you who know me might guess, I'm enough of a foodie to...
  2. South Scotland
    Event in planning stage TBA alfaowners ....sit up and pay attention. West Of Scotland's leading independent Alfa Romeo specialist garages in conjunction with alfaowner events propose an open day with an opportunity to give your pride and joy a free diagnostic check ......bit like a...
  3. South Scotland
    As it's my birthday today, i suddenly remembered my 8th birthday, we went to a place in Queens Street Glasgow called Buck Rogers Burger Station. It is now Archaos nightclub. Just wondering if anyone remembers it? Ive asked a few folk in work who just looked at me funny with a shake of the head...
  4. Poll Room
    And what's your favourite 'meal' from their menu? Currently, my favourite is the Spicy Chicken Tender Crisp from Burger King.
1-4 of 4 Results