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  1. Brooklands next weekend

    Alfa Giulia
    Anyone going to Auto Italia day next weekend?
  2. According to Brooklands Museum...

    Alfa 164 & 166
    ....166 Sportronics are classic cars... Auction is today, no reserve.
  3. 2nd alfa after Mito misery!

    Introduce Yourself
    Hey guys! Im back on the forums after my recent amazing purchase, I hope, of a 2004 GTV 2.0 JTS :happy: This is after having my 2009 Mito 1.4 TB written off due to a stupid 4x4 driver on New Years eve! I loved my mito, it was my first car and the alfa bug bit me instantly, drew up all the...
  4. Auto Italia - Italian Car Day - Brooklands

    Alfa Giulia
    Anybody going to this?
  5. Auto Italia - Italian Car Day, Brooklands Museum 2017

    Meets & Events Images
    Here is a link for video of arrival and it also gives names for other videos about that day. Very quiet on this forum, but it was a good day. One observation - bloody explosion of Abarth 500s... they took over half of a carpark that was full of Alfa Romeos before. Or maybe it is just that...
  6. Brooklands tomorrow

    Alfa GTA
    Hi all, Waxed and buffed my GTA and heading over to Brooklands tomorrow. Will there be a GTA area for me to park?
  7. Brooklands meet and convoy

    South East
    It's that time of the year again, and AutoItalia at Brooklands is in next Saturday 29th April. Just making an open invite to anyone who would like to join us. There will be a meet point at Notcutts garden centre in Maidstone (jct 7 on M20/A249) This will be at 7.00 am to leave by 7.15 to head...
  8. Auto Italia - Italian Car Day, Brooklands Museum 29th April

    South Central
    Time to think about some planning? I don't have tickets yet, but most likely to buy them soon EDIT: forgot the linky thingy
  9. Cars and coffee @ MB world Brooklands 23 Oct

    South Central A little short notice but If anyone is going and wants to tag along, you more than welcome to.
  10. Some photos from Auto Italia 2016 at Brooklands

    Meets & Events Images
    As usual I took far too many photos (and I didn't even have time to wander around the much of the static displays!). The full album is here and has a mixture of cars from all marques: Hopefully I've not mislabelled anything! As...
  11. Barnes Wallace Museum at Brooklands

    Meets & Events Images
    While at Autoitalia i decide to pop along to the Barnes Wallace museum which is in Brooklands.
  12. Autoitalia @ Brooklands 2016

    Meets & Events Images
    Thought i would share some of the pictures i took from this yrs Autoitalia.
  13. brooklands auto italia

    Alfa Giulietta
    went to Brooklands Saturday anyone else go? thought I may see more gs there but not a great deal and very little looked modded either.the launch edition in magnesio grey was lush.hope to show mine next year and do do you get to park in the alfa section? as not sure on rules...
  14. Best car at Brooklands 2016

    Meets & Events Images
    What a great day at Brooklands y'day at the Autoitalia show. Always a pleasure to see some of the lads again from ao, Gaz, Glenda & Jim :thumbup: Loads and loads of gorgeous cars on show but the car of the show for me was this....just look at it, so cool and the colour :inlove:
  15. Brooklands.....

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    Morning chaps, Is anyone off to Brooklands this weekend?? :)
  16. Autoitalia @ Brooklands - 30th april

    South East
    it's that time of year again One of the events of the year as 100's of Italian cars of every conceivable marque descend upon brooklands You will get to see some lovely cars in action in the adjoining Mercedes Benz world track as well as runs up the test hill, all makes for a great day out with...
  17. 1965 Giulia Spider at Brooklands on New Years Day

    Motoring Images
    A couple of photos of a Giulia Spider at Brooklands at the start of the year... 1965 Alfa Romeo Giulia Spider 1965 Alfa Romeo Giulia Spider There was also a "Boat-Tail" 1750 Spider Veloce (I know the owner of this one and have photographed it before)... 1968 Alfa Romeo "Boat-Tail" Spider...
  18. Brooklands New Year's Day Gathering 1/1/16

    South East
    Dry(ish) day forecast so i'm going in the 63 Dodge - first time at his event! Hoping for a good mix of classics. Photos to follow.... :xmas: (nearest I could find to a New Year's Day smilie)
  19. Anyone going to Brooklands classic breakfast tomorrow?

    The Classic Alfa Romeos
    There's a classic breakfast meet at Brooklands tomorrow (Sunday May 18th). I'll be there (providing the weather is ok) as it's local to me. Anyone else going?
  20. 916s at Auto Italia Brooklands 2015

    Alfa GTV & 916 Spider
    I took one of my V6 GTVs, actually my cheapest one, a black with redstyle thinking was better to show the cheaper end rather than one of the dearest(+ I didn't want to risk stone chipping the Zoe GTV's bonnet), also the colour combo being quite rare there wouldn't be many there...