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  1. 5th Midlands Breakfast Club - 2nd March 2008!

    West Midlands
    After the runaway success of the 4th Midlands Breakfast Club meet, it is now time to get the ball rolling for the 5th Breakfast Club meet which is looking like it's going to be bigger than last time already! The new venue at Cosford has proved to be the ideal location with the added attraction...
  2. Alfa's at the 4th Midlands Breakfast Club - Sunday 3rd February

    General Alfa Discussion
  3. 4th Midlands Breakfast Club - Sunday 3rd February 2008

    West Midlands
    Morning all, sorry, I don't own an Alfa, but I do appreciate a good car and own a few, which is why I'm posting on here! I run an event in the Midlands called the Midlands Breakfast Club. We started up at in Four Ashes, Staffordshire, meeting on a Sunday morning, where a bunch of Classic...
  4. Goodwood Breakfast Club Italian meet tomorrow

    Alfa GTA Anyone going? Went to one last year and it was great, although very busy! The normal car park was just as interesting as the "show" park...
  5. 1-4-2007 Forza Italia Breakfast

    South East
    Forza Italia Breakfast at Goodwood. 1st April 2007 8.30am start. Bring your appetite and any Italian car. See you there..
  6. radio one breakfast show

    Poll Room
    mills is sooooooo much better on the morning show than moyles
  7. Goodwood Breakfast club Italian car meet

    Motoring Images
    Was a good morning, just missed out on the rain too, although it was cloudy and cold. Some amazing cars there, some very rare ones too! More at
  8. Goodwood Breakfast club meet this sunday

    International Events
    Hey all, turns out its Italian Sports Cars at Goodwood's Breakfast Club this sunday I'll be there, anyone else up for it? Apparently its going to be packed, with loads of supercars etc. so an early arrivals best if you want food!
  9. Breakfast, Dinner & Tea Or Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner?

    Poll Room
    It's Breakfast, Dinner & Tea where I'm from. :)