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  1. Breakdown Cover ..

    General Motoring Discussion
    Who do you use? Would you recommend them? So we've been with the AA for eons .. and every year the cost goes up .. But recently when my son's 14-year-old Clio gave up the ghost, the AA sent out a local breakdown and they were less than helpful .. as it was a diesel, the contents of the...
  2. *SEPTEMBER 2019 OFFER on UK Breakdown Cover*

    Chris Knott Insurance
    Hi, just to let you know that you can benefit from Chris Knott's UK Breakdown Cover discount offer this month - Our comprehensive cover (which includes HomeStart) normally costs just £63 for the year...
  3. Where to Get Breakdown Recovery To

    General Motoring Discussion
    I've experienced a couple of breakdowns this year (neither have been with my Alfa) and on both occasions the vehicle had to be recovered as it was not driveable. In both cases, we could not get any decent garage to take the car then and there and they were generally booked up for at least a...
  4. Dealing with Breakdown quips

    General Motoring Discussion
    Random thread for a bit of fun (if there is already one, let me know where) So since I've bought the Giulia, all I've heard from work colleagues is breakdown and Fiat-related jibes - See you next to the 500 on the hard shoulder, how's the car, still working?! etc etc - given this is from mainly...
  5. Breakdown - what could cause this

    Alfa Giulietta
    Hi Just joined Have Had an Alfa Romeo Giulietta 1.6 JTDM-2 Veloce 5dr [2011] reg since 1 year old and never had any problems apart from the gear stick top cover. Have driven 137,000 miles so far, But this morning broke down with the following symptoms - Does anyone know what could cause this...
  6. Breakdown cover

    Alfa Giulia
    Hi All how long does the alfa breakdown cover last for?
  7. Breakdown number - Europe

    Alfa Giulia
    Planning a quick buzz round Europe, and all I can find online is the "customer service" number 00 800 2532 0000 which seems to be for everything for a test drive to spare parts. Is this the same number I should use if the car has a breakdown? If I have it...i won't need it. thanks
  8. UK Breakdown Cover DISCOUNT CODE...

    Insurance Section
    Hi, Did you know we're running a discount offer on our UK Breakdown Cover at the moment...? Simply use promo code SUMMER18 at, or on the phone (0800 917 2274), to receive £5 OFF the already low prices. There are also built-in discounts for multi-car cover...
  9. Breakdown cover for new Alfas

    Alfa Giulia
    Am buying a new QF - which I believe comes with 3 year no mileage warranty including breakdown cover? I was just wondering if anyone has had to use their breakdown cover yet.... and if so, who is it provided by? Is it Europe wide cover? I was wondering because for about a £200 per annum...
  10. Nightmare - Car Breakdown!

    Alfa Giulia
    Just sat in car waiting for roadside assistance. Dash full of lights followed by complete loss of power steering. Very scary when driving.
  11. Breakdown cover

    General Motoring Discussion
    This subject has probably been covered a few times before. Even though the lil baby is running as fine as a fine thing on an extremely fine day, there's always a niggling doubt it's going to throw it's best tantrum during a 600 mile or thereabouts round trip I've got to do. So who do you use...
  12. 1.6D Breakdown :(

    Alfa MiTo
    Sitting at a busy junction today in Edinburgh, stop start active. Car has been running absolutely fine lately with no warning lights/odd noises etc. Lights turn green, foot on the clutch and nothing. Ignition off and back on - nothing. When I turn the key every thing looks right - needles...
  13. Battery and ignition gremlins

    Alfa 159, Brera & 946 Spider
    After returning to my 2.2 S Brera at a hotel car park near Heathrow two and a half weeks after parking up, the troubles began. It didn't want to unlock using the fob, but eventually opened - although the alarm did go off briefly before I was able to stop it using the key fob. Putting the key in...
  14. Breakdown Cover DISCOUNT CODE: FORUM5

    Insurance Section
    BREAKDOWN COVER DISCOUNT CODE: FORUM5 Hi, Chris Knotts are offering you another discount this summer - £5 OFF our comprehensive UK Breakdown Cover. The normal price is already low at just £63 for a single vehicle but you'll be able to pick it up for as little as £58 if you quote the promo...
  15. Breakdown - Oil on the floor (Diesel) ~ Solved

    Alfa 159, Brera & 946 Spider
    Hi Guys, Another day another issue. Just went to go to work this morning, reversed out of my drive, put it into 1st gear and it conked out. Tried to start it, nothing. No warning lights or anything, it ticks over but does not start. This is oil all over the floor, popped the bonnet and the...
  16. Flash Sale :: Chris Knott Breakdown Cover

    Insurance Section
    Hi, With the summer now upon us and the Pound weak against the Euro, you may be planning a staycation this year. So have you thought about Breakdown Cover to protect you as you rack up all those UK miles? Summer Sizzler discount As a trusted club broker, Chris Knott Insurance is on hand to...
  17. Alternate Breakdown Cover

    General Motoring Discussion
    Hi I'm after some advice, my wife and myself have been in the AA for Breakdown + Parts and Labour cover for many years, in the past 4 years their renewal are rediculous. We are looking at £388 for annual cover with them monthly. Every year we ring then to get the price down as its normally up...
  18. Best roadside breakdown cover

    General Alfa Discussion
    Does anyone have anything good or bad to say? Looking for an alternative to RAC. Is Adrian Flux any good?
  19. My first breakdown. Clutch help!!!

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    Hi All. Today marks my first proper breakdown in an Alfa! On the way into work this morning I noticed the clutch was a bit juddery and this slowly got worse. In a queue for traffic lights I couldn't get into 1st so I pulled away in 2nd. On the next red light I checked and now couldn't get...
  20. Another breakdown! Gearbox issue

    Alfa GTA
    On the way home from work I pulled out of a junction and the car jumped out of 1st accompanied by a graunching gear sound. While rolling I tried 2nd and the same happened (it's a manual 147 GTA). I managed to carefully pull away in first and drove on the motorway without issue. Once of the...