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  1. Fiat Bravo 1.9 MJET 150 intercooler size?

    Tuning & Upgrades
    Hello chaps, I'm waiting for my rebuilt turbo which I should have next week sometime, I'm just wondering what size inlet and outlet does the intercooler use as I can buy a new one to install when I get my turbo back, 57mm ø seems to be the smallest intercooler I can find, although I think the...
  2. Bravo Alfa. Decided not to order Giulia qv

    Alfa Giulia
    Well , decided after Alfa uk failed to answer many of my questions via the dealer especially the crucial will we get a 3rd seatbelt in the Qv any time soon and are the demo cars just missing them not to order a Giulia Qv It has become plainly obvious in my dealing that Alfa uk don't really know...
  3. The New Bravo

    General Motoring Discussion Will be a hatch version of this. I think it looks nice
  4. SDF's Sierra Alfa Alfa Bravo Thread (ADF get your username fixed!)

    General Motoring Discussion
    FAF's Sierra Alfa Alfa Bravo Thread (ADF get your username fixed!) The young un's looking for a Saab to replace his MiTo. Let's help him out! Saab 9-3 1.9 TiD Vector 2dr Bargain! :thumbs:
  5. Giulietta - Bravo's love child

    Alfa Giulietta
    Fiat China's latest offering, built (I believe) on the CEvo platform, and available in China
  6. My Fiat Bravo

    South Africa
    Well I think it is about time I gave a review and thoughts about my Fiat Bravo sport that I purchased in the place of my 146 Ti turbo. First of all. I met Gertie at the Airport in George 2 weeks ago on a Saturday afternoon. He even brought a friend along which by after talking we realized that...
  7. bravo II 2.0jtdm 165hp cold start.

    Tuning & Upgrades
    hello wanted to consult one problem, it is common?, is that I have a partner with a bravo II 2.0 JTDM 2008 bad starts cold since new. I read something about that they 1.9jtdm bugs rpm sensor and has similar rulings, the fact is that fiatecuscan not detect any error. Not if the mapping cold...
  8. Wife's Fiat Bravo Tjet Sport for sale

    Northern Ireland
    Advert is here: If anyone wants any more details you can PM me.
  9. FIAT Bravo Concept at Brazil Autoshow

    South Africa
    For those who do not know FIAT is BIG in Brazil.. Its one of their biggest markets.. Check this concept: Extreme Fiat Bravo 'Extreme' eyecatcher van autosalon in Sao Paulo | Auto Edizione
  10. My clean Bravo

    Motoring Images
    This is she 2 weeks ago after a good afterrnoon washing and waxing.
  11. Fiat Bravo Multijet Sport C

    Fiat Bravo Multijet Sport C

  12. Fiat Bravo Sport B

    Fiat Bravo Sport B

    Fiat Bravo 2.0 Multijet Sport pictures. May 2012
  13. Fiat Bravo Multijet Sport A

    Fiat Bravo Multijet Sport A

    Fiat Bravo 2.0 Multijet Sport pictures. May 2012
  14. Fiat Bravo 165 Multijet Sport Review

    General Motoring Discussion
    After my recent and (unfortunately ongoing) separation and forthcoming divorce saga I had had to part with my beautiful 159 2.0Ti SW, a car I had been building up to, owned for 6 months and then had to sell for a 2008 VW Golf Match TDi (105 BHP). Now don’t get me wrong the Golf was zero trouble...
  15. Fiat Bravo 1.4 T-Jet (150) Sport

    General Motoring Discussion
    If I did buy another car other than an Alfa with my budget and it had to be Italian then this little hatchback ticks alot of the boxes i.e it has 4 doors, cheap ro run, seems quick enough reading the stats (hopefully would be able to remap it) and is pretty enough. Anyone driven one?
  16. Bravo, guiliette or delta

    Republic of Ireland
    Well the time has come for mammy to change her car and this will be her 30th year owning an italian car. This will be the first time since 93 she has the chance to pick from the three makes but she always had a soft spot for the lancias as she had deltas, themas, prismas and y10s so now she has...
  17. Nissan Juke or Fiat Bravo?

    General Motoring Discussion
    Hi guys, Got a 159 Lusso at the moment and been loving it but about to get a company car! Looked at the options list and the best two seem to be a Fiat Bravo or a Nissan Juke.. Fiat is cheaper co2 and more torque.. but the Juke is a bit more 'unique'.. Anyone driven any of the said cars...
  18. side repeater for Bravo 2000

    Republic of Ireland
    anyone got one of these ? that they dont need ?
  19. alfa 146 1.4 ts gearbox same as fiat bravo 1.4?

    Alfa 145 & 146
    hello i was wondering if anyone might know if alfa 146 1.4 ts gearbox the same as fiat bravo 1.4 as i am badly stuck as my gearbox was leaking oil through the drive shaft and has ran out of oil and distroyed the diff, or if anyone might know if a other car might be the same.
  20. Fiat Bravo > Alfa V6 Engine Conversion

    Engines (TS, JTS, JTD & V6)
    hello People, Am new here..i know i probably should be posting somewhere else for this :/, well i hope im in the right place :) Well basically i have a fiat bravo(phase 1), and i had a sudden urge to try and attempt an engine conversion...and obvs i chose to do the V6... Not even started the...