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  1. One for the muscle car boys . . .

    General Motoring Discussion
    Enjoy :thumbs: Bloomin embedded YouTube never works for me. :cry:
  2. PE Boys

    South Africa
    Any guys here from PE, or does anyone know about an Alfa club here in the dark side of the world?
  3. Alfa Romeo aims to 'play with the big boys'

    South Africa
    this article gets me excited about the brand :thumbs:
  4. playing with the big boys

    South Africa
    so to town and there was a m3 and v8 amg and on the stretches it looked like i was looking for parking :cheese: but as we hit the first turn entering town 3 lanes and me in middle far behind, all u c is disco light as they start to brake for the turn and in turn i gave more gasssss in the turn i...
  5. Oil For the Busso boys

    South Africa
    So i see shell updated their range of oil and its looking promising! Now i know some of the busso experts reccomend 10-60 edge oil and now shells new oil range and oil reccomendation page confirms these claims also! For someone who is looking for something other than cas-troll, have a look at...
  6. Ultimate Boys Day, May 9th (TI Track day)

    Republic of Ireland
    Hay Lads On May 9th I am going to give my son, Sean (10yrs), the day off school and bring him along to the TI track day. We are going as spectators as I am barely making up the money to tax, NCT and finish the exhaust on my spider in time. Might even show up in the 156 :rolleyes: if I cant get...
  7. Where are the PE boys ?

    South Africa
    Any members from PE here on the forum? There's an EPARC park off this Sunday if anyone's interested in coming to check out the local Alfas :thumbs:
  8. One the v6 Brera boys

    Alfa 159, Brera & 946 Spider
    What year was the last V6 Brera available to buy in the UK?
  9. Eastern Cape boys?

    South Africa
    Evening gents.. I have a 145 QV and a GTV 3.0 and I need to have my car plugged into diagnostics to clear all the faults and reset all the parameters but I cannot find anyone to help me and I am definitely not going to the dealership to have it done as the charge before any work is done is...
  10. The Boys in Blue

    General Motoring Discussion
    Horrendous journey back from Wrexham to Bradford tonight....M62 closed and diversion signs not up so followed the car in front which I could see had a sat' nav'. Finally got to Bradford but didn't have a clue where I was - stopped off at a garage and asked a Police car that was parked up - they...
  11. Alfa tribute song - Poland boys

    South Africa
    This is a nice thread with some beautiful cars by enthusiasts. Alfa Romeo tribute song - YouTube
  12. Be careful on track days boys n girls

    General Motoring Discussion
    sometimes cars still bite back :( BBC News - Father hurt in Stockport Lamborghini crash dies
  13. Any Edinburgh boys - favour??

    South Scotland
    A 159 has caught my eye - after driving RomeoraiderRz - I'm smitten. Can someone check this out for me and let me know you opinion? Labinjoh 159
  14. Hello boys and girls...

    Introduce Yourself
    Just got myself a 2003 Alfa 147 1.6 T.S. in black.. Absolutely delighted with it!! Its fully loaded except the Bose system but i couldn't care less because it has decent speakers anyway:cool: Well I have an issue with the gearbox.. sometimes its not going into gears with a little struggle...
  15. Day out with the boys in my brera

    Alfa 159, Brera & 946 Spider
    :wow: :wow: :thumbs: :thumbs: :wow: DAY OUT WITH THE BOYS run from minehead up onto EXmoor Yesterday there was about 25 cars but some got lost weather was not good,mines the black BRERA..:thumbs:.
  16. hello boys! wheels done and smart bumper repairs!!

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    well had the wheels refurbed today!wow wee!also got the rear bumper done in as it had some well bad scuffs... listen people these boys are so so good... paint match is fantastic,great price too.. wheels £45 a go, smart repairs to bumper £70!! transformed the car!! done these threads before check...
  17. Little boys and Dirty Alfas

    General Alfa Discussion
    Couldn't help but smile today :) Driving through Ormskirk town centre this afternoon about 4:00 it was busy as it usually is at that time of day, school run and all that :) A Mini pulls up next to me with mum driving and two young chaps with very good taste in the back :) Young chap number...
  18. anyone interested in whipping the south central boys butts?

    South East
    have a look from page 4 here - get your name on the thread if interested. no dates as yet, just gauging interest. posted on behalf of wonderwall :thumbs:
  19. Hello Boys and Girls!

    Alfa GTA
    Wonder why I am posting in here again? :) :sirs:
  20. Alfetta boys jump on this one quick!

    The Classic Alfa Romeos this seller is selling some serious cheap parts for the alfetta! i was looking for sud parts, but these came up. be quick though not long left!