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  1. General Alfa Discussion
    I'm new here and wish to learn more about the 105 series, saloon and coupes. There appears to be a few options. Can anyone recommend a book, give a book review or point me in the right direction? Thanks Paul.
  2. Alfa Giulia
    For those thinking of spec-ing and ordering a new one - Got an email from Nuneaton Alfa saying the order books are reopening this month (July) Also got a call on Friday from Alfa Italy asking me was I happy with my Giulia now that I’ve had it a week - who said their customer service was poor ??
  3. Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    My alfa 147 the boot won't work and the windows won't open and the millage on the dash keeps flashing. I took the window switch out and put it back in. Ever since my windows, the boot and heating is not working. Any ideas? Thanks
  4. 2010 Lhd Mito Qv

    Just wanted to present my new toy
  5. General Alfa Discussion
    Can someone reccommend a good one, well illustrated, of course?
  6. General Alfa Discussion
    On Autotrader and also on the seller's own web site. I don't care if there are only four of them in the UK - that's a hell of a lot of money. Sellers other cars look overpriced to me anyway. Check out their 147GTA at about £12k and Porsche Martini RSR thingy at £27k.
  7. General Motoring Discussion
    I recently picked up a book from library which is mainly about Phil Hill and Von Trip and Ferrari. It's got me interested in catching up on the cars and drivers pre-war and post war into the 60/70's F1. Can anyone recommend one book that covers all this. I know there are dozens about specific...
  8. Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    One in particular for the Alfatisti [On The Grid - August 2012] New book news | Video exclusive | Me and my car #4 | Book signing
  9. Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    I am just a touch confused as to why the guide books in both Halfords and Motorworld recommend using 0w30 fully synthetic oil for "ultimate protection" with a 156 2.0 TS? For standard protection they recommend a 10w40 but obviously ultimate protection sounds great so I fork out £50 on 0w30...
  10. Gtv Spider

    Scottish Italian Car Day 2004. Craigtoun Park Fife.
  11. ICE & Blue&Me
    I've got the Pioneer AVH 4200 DVD fitted in my Brera with the seperate CD220BT Bluetooth box. It was all fitted by a car aduio place and every single function works perfectly, except that I don't seem to be able to get the phone book from my android phone (HTC Desire) into the Pioneer. The...
  12. Spider bella

    alfa spider 916 2.0ts 1995
  13. Introduce Yourself
    Hello one and all! I've been the owner of a '56 159 Lusso 1.9 for nearly a week and loving it so far! I feel I have to start my intro with a big 'thank you' as is one of the sites that convinced me to get over the general 'alfa-at-the-side-of-the-road' mentality that still exists...
  14. Poll Room
    Ok, it's the year 2050 and a new government has taken power of the world entire. Under their authoritarian practices, each household must choose specific means of entertainment for the rest of their lives. So here's one of the choices: One goes to room 101, and the other is your entertainment...
  15. General Alfa Discussion
    While looking for alfa books on amazon, i came across this: Alfa Romeo Production Cars from 1910: Books: Maurizio Tabucchi,Stefano D'Amico Seems expensive, and big. Does anyone know any more about it?
  16. General Alfa Discussion
    I fancy getting a history of alfa romeo book for my Xmas...any recomendations? Spotted this one on Amazon: Alfa Romeo: Always with Passion Any others?
  17. General Alfa Discussion
    Taking forward the thread below on Alfa Romeos in films, I just finished reading Dan Brown's "Angels and Demons" and for several pages you had Swiss Guard soldiers drive around like madmen in Alfa Romeo's 145s. Was wondering which other international bestsellers figure Alfa Romeo's... PS...
  18. The Classic Alfa Romeos
    please could some one tell me which manuals and book came with the spider when it was new. if any one knows or has any of them which i could buy, please let me know. please post pics of the fronts of the books so i can use them to help me find the right ones i need. Many thanks Tafi
  19. General Alfa Discussion
    Anyone able to reccomend any good Alfa books.Looking for something that covers all the 90 year history.Also are there any books on the FWD GTV/Spider?
  20. General Alfa Discussion
    Now that I've got my very own Alfa 147 I want to learn more about Alfa Romeo's past. Can anyone recommend a book that concerntrates on the road cars and isn't too technical?
1-20 of 20 Results