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  1. New MiTo! Yay! - Steam from bonnet. Boo!

    Alfa MiTo
    lol. It's not actually necessarily an issue, but I've never seen this before so thought I might ask you good people your opinion. I just picked up a new (to me) Mito 1.4 TB 135 Veloce, 2010, for my partner and took it for its first hearty drive yesterday evening. Nice cold winter air and dry...
  2. Peek A Boo!

    Introduce Yourself
    About time I popped up on here.....:thumbs: Had the car about 2 months now and loving every minute of it...:inlove: Oh and its a 1.4TB Giulietta by the way.. Frequent the Stockton area when out and about and love driving across to the Lakes and over the Moors. If I am not driving the car, then...
  3. Yay & Boo (Help again pls!)

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    First of all a grea big thanks to AO. You have been my star through all the darkness. Rays of hope where there has been piles of *****. Anyway... Yay! The old girl finally passed her MOT (headlamps fitted correctly, few new bushes & a tyre later) Boo :cry: she's been idling a bit funny and...
  4. scratched! boo hoo

    Alfa Giulietta
    car park gremlins have struck - dinged in the crease of the passenger door (no paint damage) and what looks like a bear clawed the driver door through the varnish (but not into the paint) - probably some shopper with a handbag that had buckles am off to a decent paintshop to see if they can...
  5. Boo rear ended !!

    General Alfa Discussion
    Chaps Just had the 156 rear one hurt thankfully...but a question. I,car A was driving,car B pulled out on the left from a side road without looking my way....i slammed on the brakes but managed to stop before i hit C behind me couldn't stop & rear ended our 156. Now i...
  6. selling my GTA - boo

    Alfa GTA
    Alfa Romeo : ALFA 147 GTA 3.2!! hope you all had a great chrimbo and new year!!
  7. baby here, brera for sale boo hoo

    Alfa 159, Brera & 946 Spider
    silver 2006 brera 2.2jts sv 59000 miles 10 months mot 4 months tax,owned for 2 and a half years, oil changed with castrol edge every 5000 miles, new grooved and drilled brakes front and rear 1000 miles ago,K&N filter,serviced with new plugs, re mapped, loads of history and reciepts, 4 good Kumho...
  8. baby here, brera for sale boo hoo

    South Scotland
    well that was me just getting a new addition to the family, so the brera is for sale. silver 2.2jts sv. 59000 miles, 10 months mot 4 months tax left. £6500 ovno if you are interested email me on [email protected] or call 01698 304864 and we can have a chat over the phone before you come to view my...
  9. Boo Hoo....

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    :cry: Someone lobbed a stone at my GT last night while it was parked outside my house. Hit the passenger door low down and left a dent. Good thing is there's minimal paint damage and some polish will sort that. Another good thing is that I know a paintless dent repairer who is quite frankly...
  10. Diff Gone Boo Hoo :( - Time for a Q2?

    Alfa GTA
    Well what can I say : I was quoted on saying in a previous thread about diff faliures a month or so ago that I would leave mine original and "if it went, it went" Well now it has. Nearly home on half hour commute, turned sharp right 90 degrees at a junction, gently accelerated in 2nd in the...
  11. For Sale Boo Hoo!!

    Alfa GTV & 916 Spider
    :cry: :cry: The time has come, my GTV is on the market. But hey, tomorrow a lovely 156 JTS sportwagon is the replacement so not all tears. Anyone interested I'll be getting her serviced before actual sale. She has been looked after, 60,000 on the clock, blue with tan leather. Bodywork generally...
  12. Adrian Flux - Boo

    Adrian Flux Insurance
    Just did an online quote and was given a price of £579, phoned them up and it had jumped to £1500. Apparently the person who emailed the quote to me hadn't put my occupation in properly (I am unemployed as although I have been accepted for a job it doesn't start until May). Also I was told...
  13. Boo!

    Bet I scared ya, Didn't I? :cheese: START POSTING IN HERE PEEPS - ITS DEAD!
  14. Rad,boo hoo

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    Hi guys,think i need a new rad fitted as the old one let a lot of water go yesterday. 156 2lt selespeed sp3. Anyone local(aint going main route!!)
  15. Starter Motor?? Boo Hoo!!

    Alfa GTV & 916 Spider
    :cry: So I think my starter has packed up. The last few weeks it's sounded like it's struggling to turn if you know what I mean? and yesterday turned the key, got a couple of turns out of it, and then nothing! just the electric click sound you get from turning your key. Now I'm aware from what...
  16. Boo Hoo Hoo

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    Heck and damn.:mad: :mad: After 24 months of carefull ownership, taking up two spaces in car parks, using nana Rita's disabled badge etc someone has finall put a dunk on the GT. I'm as mad as hell. It's clearly a careless door bump and it's right on the waistline crease on the rear panel behind...
  17. Boo!

    Introduce Yourself
    Hi eveyone - I'm just awaitin my 2003 147 from an independent in newcastle and am well excited. Been readin up loads in aniticipation!!! Thanks to the site for the advice I gleamed on timing belt changes etc - Got a good deal with the belt being changed before i pick it up. Bye for now :)
  18. boo hoo...maybe bad :(

    General Alfa Discussion
    Was razzing on the way to work this morning, and noticed that as I blootered it up to 7000rpm, from about 6000rpm there was a cloud of smoke behind me...not bad, but enough to worry me :eek: Anyway, continued to blooter it and the cloud dissapeared. When I noticed it, it was the first...
  19. Fog Lights - BOO HOO !!

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    I have just washed my 156 - and just noticed that both my front fog lamps are smashed !!! Bastards - surley it cant be coincidence that they have both been hit by stones !!!! Probably some jealous none alfa owner !! anyway - does anybody know how much these are going to cost me ???