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  1. General Motoring Discussion
    Reverse camera recall
  2. Introduce Yourself
    Evening all, I’ve been BMW for as long as I can remember and my last 3 cars have been the last three versions of the BMW m3 coupe (the last obviously an M4). I’ve always had the Alfa itch since my old man had one and I’ve finally committed. M4 going this weekend and I ordered a Gulia QV...
  3. General Motoring Discussion
    6500 job cuts and a change of ceo. Their current way of working is not going well.
  4. General Motoring Discussion
    What’s going on?
  5. General Motoring Discussion
    Herr Krueger is leaving the top position at Bmw The whole motor industry is changing...
  6. General Motoring Discussion
    They reckon diesels will go on for another 20 years and Petrol 30 years: “A best assumption of 30 percent of electrified sales (battery-electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids) by 2025 means that at least 80 percent of our vehicles will have an internal combustion engine,” Klaus Froelich, BMW...
  7. General Motoring Discussion
    Dinner the other night suddenly got a lot more interesting when a pal joining us revealed that the event occupying his time earlier in the day, was the purchase of a BMW M5 e34. As he was talking, I started to mentally dust off that generation of M5, and remembered that there’s a lot to like...
  8. General Alfa Discussion
    We decided to answer that question at Bimmerfest, the world’s largest private BMW owners gathering, where Alfa Romeo sponsored the autocross event. With both the Giulia sedan and Stelvio SUV available for Bimmerfest attendees to try out, hear what they had to say after their test drive...
  9. General Alfa Discussion came out with a list of their favorite BMW 3 Series alternatives, and the Giulia is on there, which they think is even better than the Audi A4. Check out the full article here and watch the video below.
  10. General Motoring Discussion
    They said it’d be fwd some time back, but here it is
  11. General Motoring Discussion
    “The automaker reported its first loss in a decade in the main automotive division in the three month through March, after booking a 1.4 billion euro provision ($1.6 billion) for potential European Union fines over collusion. Even excluding this charge, the unit's return on sales dropped to the...
  12. General Motoring Discussion Well that’s not very good.
  13. General Motoring Discussion
    Not only is the brexiteer getting his new car engineered in Germany , it’s getting bmw power
  14. General Motoring Discussion
    I know it probably isn't many peoples cup of tea here, but whilst my 335 is being fixed from being rear ended I have been provided with a BMW 640d Gran coupe with the ZF 8 speed gearbox as a courtesy car. It is am amazing bit of kit, faster than the 335i I think, and rides and handles very...
  15. General Motoring Discussion
    Troops, An M-Series BMW is a fast car. An Alpina is a fast car. What are - not the technical differences - but the ethos differences between the two? Alpina more hardcore than M? Why would someone choose one over the other? (I know zip about Alpina). Thoughts, wisdom?
  16. General Motoring Discussion
    Mercedes shares have hit a five year low and they've issued another profit warning. BMW are not doing much better and VW have serious issues such as a 900million euro fine from Munich. A friend who works in the city was telling me even their government is being very helpful...
  17. General Motoring Discussion
    I have had to put the BMW up for sale as I really need the extra space and better fuel economy. If anyone fancies a cheap RWD car with Manual box, and GTA matching performance then here she is. I cannot see prices going much lower either...
  18. Alfa Giulia
    I hope it is allowed to discuss Giulia's competitors in this lounge. Since 3 series is the sole most important rival and by any measuring standards the most similar car to the Giulia (and Jaguar XE... shouldn't forget that one), I guess this comparison should be ok… BMW will show new 3 series...
1-19 of 428 Results