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  1. Motorway blues

    Alfa Giulietta
    Help need ! Ok so my Giulietta diesel 170 has a strange problem If driven normally it’s fine but if I push her it’s a different matter it accelerates great and has no problem but when I slow down to come off the motorway she looses power and revs stop at 3500 with very little boost if any,I...
  2. 147 Electric Window Blues

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    Hi, may I start by thanking all the members of this Forum for all their valuable advice and information I have received since joining AO. It has helped me more than I can put into words. After replacing the oil cooler on my 156 V6 Sportwagon this week I decided to replace the main electric...
  3. Trackday - blow the January blues away?

    North West
    In a fit of wild optimism - and because we need to check out the replacement gearbox in the race car - I've just booked for my mate and I to do an open-pit-lane trackday at Oulton on 17th January - for the princely sum of £99, plus £25 for an extra driver. This price will probably increase as...
  4. New Alfa Blues

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    First of all I'd like to say thanks for the add and a big hello to everybody on here on what seems like quite a friendly forum. I'm new to alfa's having bought a 2005 147 and was ok with her on the first couple of days but seemed low on power and the ussual suspension bushes gone (easy fix) but...
  5. Melted subframe blues

    Alfa GTV & 916 Spider
    Inspired and remotivated by you lovely people I decided to powder coat my subframe and rear end bits. Be warned, my subframe warped!! Arghh now totally unusable ive had to buy another from a breaker. Apparently a 200 degree bake is too damn hot.
  6. Wash away those MAF blues!

    Alfa GTV & 916 Spider
    Just thought I would share it this as it comes up a lot on the forum I've had a problem with an uneaven idle and a flat spot at 5000 RPM for a while. As I don't have a any vacuum leaks I assumed it was the MAF, but before I ordered another one I thought I would have a go at cleaning it with...
  7. Boxing day blues....

    East Midlands
    I've been informed that there is a vintage car /bike meet boxing day at pub in mainstreet Sutton Bonnington if anybody interested in meeting up :) Pop ya names down and if there's a show of hands I'll pop a proper event thread up :thumbs: Thanks to popelli for the info :thumbs::thumbs::D
  8. Chase the midweek blues away - Gymkhana 7

    South Africa
  9. Blue and me blues..........

    South Africa
    My Fiat Bravo Tjet sport Ever since I bought the car ( from a private seller) the Blue and me system did not work. I will also add that the steering control buttons do not work either. Well, the windows logo and telephone are the only two buttons not working. all the other buttons function...
  10. 159 ti Aircon blues

    Alfa 159, Brera & 946 Spider
    Hi guys, I have a 2012 159 Ti 1750 and it has 16000km on the clock and the aircon on some occasions just doesnt cool. agents have put a new compressor a month back (luckily under warranty) and checked for leaks but it still seems to be giving the same problem. It will work today and not...
  11. air conditioning blues and gear change cables

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    Hi, my lovely 2006 147 derv has a problem :cry:, my air con doesn't work, it was fine last summer, I have found that the pump engages for about 2 seconds and then disengages, I know this is the reason for no nice chilly air, would this be a pressure issue if so would I check a pressure switch...
  12. Blasting away the blues!

    Motoring Images
    The sun is out, it maybe cold and windy but the sky is blue and it's time to take by beautiful Bella out for a blast to keep the fluids moving. Not only that but it is good for my soul to hear the rasp of the exhaust, the induction roar of the Dellortos as they strive to feed the Nord engine...
  13. GTV handbrake blues

    Alfa GTV & 916 Spider
    I've been plagued by a sticky handbrake mechanism on my rear (to state the bleedin' obvious) RHS caliper, and I suspect - and been told - that it's caused premature failure of my wheel bearing. Car is a 1999 2.0. I've got a new bearing ready to fit but I'm loathe to fit it if the caliper is...
  14. new car blues

    Introduce Yourself
    Hi I have recently entered the Alfa world but without it's teething problems I'm afraid :confused: I have a brand new Alfa Mito petrol, 1.4. I love it but am starting to get problems so soon. I do hope those who put me off initially haven't been proved right:(
  15. GTA Blues

    Alfa GTA
    Hi all Due to changing financial circumstances and the ridiculous increase in my insurance costs (some **** damaged both panels on my driver side without leaving any details...) I have decided it may be time to get another car. However, I am not going to sell the GTA and have decided to buy an...
  16. Alfa Blues

    Introduce Yourself
    Howdie Alfanatics, I recently smashed my alfa 147 and would like to know any good, reasonable panelbeaters in the JHB (Benoni) Area...:cry::cry::cry:
  17. monday morning blues

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    well i went out this morning to drop the wife off at the bank,half way down the road i thought this windscreen is a we bit dirty so ill give it a blast with the washer,wipers,only to find that my wiper linkage has broken :cry: so i thought here we go better get a bit more money from out the hole...
  18. Wet weather blues

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    With all the wet weather we are having now, my 147 has decided to start playing up. Almost every time I run through a puddle or a bit of standing water, it loses power and the exhaust makes a dreadful rasping sound. It only ever happens when I run through puddles with the offside front - I've...
  19. I've got the airbag light blues...

    Alfa GTV & 916 Spider
    :( Triffic Lavished a bit more care today by starting to repaint the small blemish on the roof, how does it repay me? Went shopping on the way home, started the car and the airbag light stayed illuminated...I hadn't even moved the seats! Looking through the service history it has been reset...
  20. Gearbox blues

    Republic of Ireland
    Hi there, just wondering if I can get a word of advice here, a couple of days ago I noticed my car "skidding" when in first gear and could hear a clicking/whirring noise coming from the engine when shifting gears, also car power was noticeably lower when moving car in first gear. Anyway I take...