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  1. 1,500 mile Scotland blast in GTA

    Alfa GTA
    Got back yesterday from a 1,500 mile round trip to Scotland in the 156 GTA SW. What a blast! If you have never been to the Scottish highlands, then I suggest you go. Forget mainland Europe and head north! I was in convoy with a Porshe 996 Turbo S (2005 - 4 wheel drive - 450bhp+), and the GTA...
  2. Bank Holiday Blast

    Motoring Images
    Took a drive up to the Hartside Cafe on sunday morning in the GTA - lovely weather up there :wow: :D Then headed over towards Penrith then south through Shap and east again towards Skipton. On to Knaresborough and Harrogate and Thirsk then finally back up the A168/167 home! Nice day out :thumbs:
  3. Took my 159 1.8 MPI for its first long blast today

    Republic of Ireland
    Hello all. Drove my 159 for its first long blast today, took me two hours to get from Castletroy in Limerick to the Red Cow park and ride in two hours. Really happy with the way it rides on our bad roads, Plenty of poke from the engine (even though most people dislike it here) and...
  4. Had a blast on Track day - Brakes now made of cheese..

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    Hi, Had an absolute blast today at the AO trackday (thanks Ned and the guys for organising it!), however I now have an issue with the brakes..Basically my foot _nearly_ disappears to the floor now before I get any bite at all and its a struggle to slow it down; I thought it was just that fact...
  5. Going for a blast with my daughter

    Alfa GTV & 916 Spider
    As yesterday was a glorious day, i took my 25 year old daughter for a blast down a B road. Here are results!! Hear the Larini exhaust singing :thumbs: and Soph :cry::lol: YouTube - Soph OMG - Alfa Romeo Spider
  6. Drat, blast & damnation!

    Wales South
    Managed to rip a pipe out of my oil system damaging the oil cooler at the same time, £480 + labour to fix and no Spider now till next week....makes my 140 mile commute home today and back to work on Monday look a little tricky...sadly I think this is the end for my baby, can't justify the cost...
  7. A Blast from the Past

    General Alfa Discussion
    If you want to see Ghosty Dog making a complete mess of Clevaux at Croft click the Tube linky :thumbs: We couldn't embed Tube links back then so enjoy and all point the finger at Ghosty and say "SKIDMARK SKIDMARK" and not just on the track :lol: "whispers" And forget that was the day HM...
  8. Blast from the past - Alfa 156 TV ad from 1997

    General Alfa Discussion
    When watching this I said to myself that one day I would own that car... I finally got an Alfa 156 in 2002! Current car is a 159 and about to change for a Brera. YouTube - Alfa 156 pubblicità-- Spot,winter in Venice
  9. air conditioning only works on 4 (full blast)

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    Hi everyone, I have a slight problem with my fan control in the car. The fan only works when i have the fan on 4, which as you know is full blast which is a real pain.:cry: I am able to turn the knob to 0 1 2 3 but nothing happens. has anyone had this problem?
  10. dam an blast selespeed clutch

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    my ruddy clutch has gone any ideas how much to have it done
  11. A good old cross country blast

    General Alfa Discussion
    I followed Mrs SR back home from MITCAR today and we used some of the best back roads Northampton & Warwickshire have to offer:cool: If I'm honest, this is the first time I've really "driven" the Ti in 10k miles. Wow, is it excellent fun to hustle around:wow: The harder you press on, the...
  12. just been for a blast....

    General Alfa Discussion
    .... to remind myself what 250 Italian horse feels like after driving German things for a month or so... it's just brilliant:) :) :) It's such a shame I have to let her go... come on guys somebody make me an offer for the GTA:( Alfa Romeo : Alfa 156GTA Sportwagon REDUCED
  13. Off to southend for a blast

    South East
    Going out for a blast tonight leaving east london at about 8pm
  14. I'm going out for a blast then..

    South East
    Off out into essex.. noone about? :(
  15. I fancy a blast tonight.

    South East
    out in essex... anyone around? Fancy getting out the house for a few hours? :o
  16. Blast from the past: Bugatti victorious in Monaco

    International Motor Sport
    This car won the first ever Monaco GP in 1929. Driven by William Grover-Williams (note: Alfa Romeo and Maserati did not participate in the event). Check the front wheels :eek:
  17. Airbag Blast - was it you ?

    General Alfa Discussion
    No linky available but from this mornings Sun A shocked postmistress suffered cuts & bruises to her face and hands after a package containing a car airbag exploded. A bomb squad officer was called in after the blast at a sub post office in Clyst St Mary, Devon, but they found it was an Alfa...
  18. Out for a blast

    Alfa 33, Sud & Sprint
    As it was a lovely crisp day I decided to put the battery back on the car and take her out. So eventually she got going YouTube - AlfaSud - lets get it started Then a couple of quick blasts over the local reservoir dam, after she had warmed up nicely!! YouTube - Alfasud - having a blast...
  19. Dang blast and a curse on Merecdes owners....

    General Alfa Discussion
    Susan just rang to say that some b'stard just bashed her 147Ti.:rant: :rant: Some Ba*%ar%$ in a private plate E-Class scraped the front wing in a car park and drove off. Luckilly, someone spotted it and got the number plate and will happily act as a witness. The Polis have been called:rant...
  20. Blast from the past - Mr T

    General Alfa Discussion
    Hi Guys Just thought I would pop my head above the parapit and say hello to the new alfaowners and hello again to all you old alfaowner. I've been off Alfaowner for some time due to the lack of an Alfa. Now I know you guys say it doesn't matter but it's very hard to read all the Alfa threads...