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  1. Birmingham

    International Events
    Thought I'd try this one again... PLEASE - NO HIJACKING, NO OTing, NO 'WHAT ABOUT TIMBUKTU' ALTERNATIVES! Just, who would come to a summer (i.e. soon) weeknight meet within 10 miles of Birmingham town centre? What about Wednesdays? 13th, 20th or 27th August? If yes, post here. If yes, but a...
  2. Birmingham

    International Events
    I feel that most members seem to be either up north, or down south, are there any midlanders, that fancy a meet up, i am in birmingham. and feeling abit left out ;-(
  3. Alfa specialist near Birmingham?

    Alfa 155
    Just bought a '97 2.0 16v and I love it to bits, all I need now is a reputable Alfa specialist in the Birmingham area to take care of the oily bits for me - any ideas?