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    2014 Nissan Crosscabriolet | Nissan USA :thumbs:
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    ... and his age isn't listed. :duh: Guesses as to the true age of Bigage-hidingFoot, please!
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    Can't help feeling that competitions seem a bit thin on the ground....:confused: I understand with work commitments...etc that organising them can be difficult to schedule in.... Now Italy are effectivly out of euro 2008 - you should have a bit of time free to come up with some new compo's :)...
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    Chaps, If I were you, I'd go and polish your Alfas and keep a camera handy ;) More in due time :D
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    Just wanted to let you all know that not only did BF give me a ride in his awesome Maser GS, but he actually handed me the keys!!!!! As I said to him yesterday, although my GTA was the most interesting and exciting of the many sports cars I've owned, his GS was in a completely different...
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    Congratulation Nomad ! You have overtaken :mad: KURZON:mad: in the all time posting league, but how long will it be before you overtake Bigfoot.
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    Just a quick note to say WELCOME BACK Biggy! :D Bigfoot's world tour is over for now and he is back on board where he belongs. Bigfoot comes back to us as the new AO competition manager & moderator, the comp manager is a new role and very much club related, but more about this in good time...
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    Hello, I'm AO's top poster. Deal with it. :p
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    Dear All, A sad day for staff & members of AO, Maurizio aka BigFoot steps down from his role: AO Misc Lounge Moderator. We have discussed this decision with Maurizio for a few weeks now and tonight we will release him back into the wild ;) :D. Of course we have left the door wide open if he...
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    Him doing a funny face (as alwasy :rolleyes:) next to a wonderful Spider (and of the proper colour!).
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    May we welcome our newest section: (IMPORTANT: You need to use the "New Event" button when submitting fresh events.) This allows others to be reminded by email when an event approaches Its been requested for the last few months and now I...
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    Please join me in congratulating Bigfoot as our newest forum moderator! Bigfoot has been a loyal member of AO for 3 years now. He is a very friendly forum member and like phil155, all the staff that voted for him felt he had humor and level-headedness which is the foundations of a great AO mod...
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    Your Forum name BigFoot Real name Maurizio Age 32 Occupation Working for a bank (though not sure for how much longer :D) Lives Tokyo Marital Status Married with 3 kids. One 4-year old boy and two one-year old boys (yep, twins). which cars do you drive and why? Nissan Murano, as upon...
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    Well it seams that the winter has gone for good, so it was time to put the new 18" summer wheels. The ride comfort is surprisingly good compared with the stock 16" wheels. On decent roads you can hardly feel some difference ... but the grip of the 225mm F1's is simply amazing :)