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  1. Beware the River Crossing

    General Motoring Discussion
    Chaps, a heads-up if you live in the SE and have ever used the Dartford River Crossing since the Toll Booths were dismantled. I hardly ever head out that way but when we went on a Norfolk Broads weekend boating blag a couple of years ago, it seemed appropriate to use the crossing as an...
  2. Beware - Ebay Seller - angloafro75

    General Alfa Discussion
    Hi All, First post in many years and unfortunately not a positive one. Not sure if anyone else on here has ever bought any used Alfa parts from an ebay seller going by the name of angloafro75 (Lenny Chids) but I would say beware. I needed a good condition 147 1.6TS exhaust downpipe (with the...
  3. Beware 2.2JTS major hose failure

    Alfa 159, Brera & 946 Spider
    Driving along a major A road I suddenly get that horrible message 'Coolant Temp Too High Stop Engine!' a glance at the temp gauge and its sitting at 130deg:depressed:. Along with the dread that i am about to warp my cylinder head i have to find a safe place to pull without causing a major...
  4. Beware wrong wishbones on eBay!

    Alfa GTV & 916 Spider
    Various people are flogging pairs of wishbones on eBay at good prices but beware! Some claim to be for a GTV but aren't. They are about an inch too short. Not sure which Fiat/Alfa they are from. Otherwise they are identical so you only realize when you lay them next to a correct one. Or fit...
  5. Beware of Alfa dealers services

    General Alfa Discussion
    Took my car to a friend who is a top notch old school vehical mechanic the type that takes his time to put coppersolve on all the screws and bolts removed from the engine bottom pan so they don’t rust in like I’ve seen so many times. in my service are recorded two services from Alfa dealers...
  6. Probably preaching to the converted but beware of welding galvanized cars!

    General Motoring Discussion
    Over the past few days I've been welding up the holes in my W210 Merc with the garage door closed so as not to disturb the neighbours. Turns out I'd been welding galvanized steel over the holes, and because I'd used so much of it in a confined, unventilated area I gave myself metal fume fever...
  7. MOPAR Giulia Veloce SERVICE PLAN

    Alfa Giulia
    Hi! Read about this somewhere, but cannot find it again now...? Hoping to get my Giulia Veloce from Beechdale end September - October :) Have been on phone & sent several emails back & forth to ALFA UK Customer Services? but I must say - I'm not overly impressed...? I questioned why Giulia...
  8. Beware the rust monster!

    Alfa GTA
    A bit of a tabloid title, but in the absence of a proper 'project' thread I thought I might as well share a couple of pictures of the lovely rust I've found so far in my 156 GTA SW. Luckily it's all just surface rust and a good clean with a wire brush or scurfing with a grinder got off the...
  9. WARNING BEWARE of Alfa Vince aka GTVince

    General Alfa Discussion
    I have decided finally that after months of failed promises, I am sharing my unfortunate dealing with GTVince aka Vince Singh aka Vince Bachu (his website is Home). ( emails were [email protected] OR [email protected] His mobile number is listed on his site. After reaching a deal on...
  10. Buyer beware! New oil cap

    Alfa GTV & 916 Spider
    New message from: altautoparts (9,605) be cheaper when we get new stock Reply YOU: Are you serious ? £100 Alfa Romeo GTV Spider 1.8 2.0 16V TS new genuine engine oil filler cap 60606238 Price: £99.95 Buy it now Postage: £3.95 Buy it now
  11. Beware using the hood storage 'boot' for extra luggage

    Alfa 159, Brera & 946 Spider
    Somewhere on this forum I read where a Spider owner mentioned transporting golf clubs in the car's 'hood' boot as these items wouldn't fit into the rear luggage space. A great idea so long as you don't need the roof down so I decided to use this extra space to store a few items of luggage during...
  12. Beware of Goldcar car rental

    General Alfa Discussion
    Wasn't sure where to put this for most exposure, but just want to pop this in as many minds as possible. Car rental company called GOLDCAR, mainly in Spain, Balearics and Malta. I booked a seven seater through Holiday Autos. 1. They only take a £20 deposit at time of booking. I believe this is...
  13. Black 75 3.0 v6 for sale on eBay BEWARE

    Alfa 75, RZ, SZ
    If anyone is seriously looking at buying this 75 blind or even thinking about viewing it, then please don't waste your time! My friend went to buy the car, paying a small deposit on the understanding it was rust free, and has a current mot until September 2014. After arriving and inspecting the...
  14. dpf removal now checked on mot - beware!

    Tuning & Upgrades after a recent clogged dpf and limp mode incident, I was considering dpf removal and saw this government site re dpf removal that I thought I'd share. cheers, Ben
  15. Alfa owners beware!

    Alfa 159, Brera & 946 Spider
    Hi. Had lots of problems with Alfa Uk recently who flatly refuse to help me. Below is my last letter to them which has had no effect. Have recently sent it to the motoring press. Any advice appreciated! Thanks. ALFA STILL FALLING SHORT ON SATISFACTION. Despite Alfa (Fiat) Uk’s new MD...
  16. Hacking my forum account - Beware - SOLVED

    Community Help
    For information I received an automated email from the forum "You have requested to reset your password on Alfa Romeo Bulletin Board & Forums because you have forgotten your password. If you did not request this, please ignore it. It will expire and become useless in 24 hours time........." I...
  17. beware north west main dealer

    Alfa MiTo
    Please beware anyone looking for a mito a north west main alfa dealer is selling an ex driving instructors car as a ONE owner car just be careful GF nearly bought it please see my post in general forum.......
  18. Beware! The Bird Poo!!

    Alfa 33, Sud & Sprint
    Washed the 33 this afternoon noticed the birdie jobbie on the roof yesterday!Only been on there a day and coudnt believe its burnt right through to the white primer under the black gloss(see pics!) Made a right mess god knows how im gonna sort it ANY IDEAS???? it looks like the top coat has...
  19. ebay Brera beware

    Alfa 159, Brera & 946 Spider
    I have been looking for a good GT for some time and could not find what I was looking for so upped the budget and decided to look at a Brera instead. After looking at Piston Head, Auto Trader and Ebay, I came across what I thought was a nice car. Black, full service history, 18" wheels with new...
  20. Speciality Cars of huddersfield..... "Beware!"

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    i've just got back from a trip to see a 156 Ti sportwagon 2.4jtdm. The advert looked mint and i was keen to see it for a number of weeks as i wanted to trade my 159 Ti in for it to release some cash. (Need a house!) :cry: Anyway, what a bag of s**t!!!!:vomit: The advert says......."Absolute...