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  1. General Alfa Discussion
    Guys, I just have to bring to the attention of those who don't already know about Benfield Alfa Romeo in Newcastle upon Tyne. Once again they have gone way beyond the call of duty but this time have surpassed ALL expectations. I'll try and keep it brief but I bought a beautiful shiney...
  2. Alfa Giulietta
    Noticed recently on Auto Trader than Benfield seem to be undercutting everyone else by two or three grand. Great for new buyers. No so good for the rest of us. Oi Benfield, behave! There's a cracking Profondo blue cloverleaf at rock bottom price today.
  3. North East
    BAck in March 2009 i wrote a rave review on Benfield after buying my MiTo 155 Veloce from there where i had my best car buying experience to date. Here i am nearly 3 years on having just bought a 60 Plate 170 JTDM-2 Giulietta Veloce from there and im happy to say theyve maintained that great...
  4. Alfa MiTo
    I feel it only right after expressing my grave dissatisfaction with the appalling service from Alexanders I should express my thanks and total satisfaction from Benfield and Lookers. When we bought our car from Lookers in Sheffield the salesman Andy was superb and totally professional in his...
  5. Alfa 159, Brera & Spider
    :lol: Dax @ Benfield Alfa has been using a bike, mm, any way I would like to thank him and Graeme @ Western alfa Glasgow for both giving me back great brakes on my 3.2 Q4 the car had front pad problems that meant they required replacement, it was then found that discs also required replacement...
  6. Alfa 8C & 8C Spider
    as of Thursday 2nd of June. Dax will be getting an 8C. In 8C red. I hate him already due to my massive jealousy but, knowing him, I am pretty sure he won't mind alfisti paying them a visit to have a mooch. wonder how long before the battery is flat from starting it up in the showroom! :lol:
  7. North East
    hi.. was looking for a decent garage to service my 8c which has been done in rome since we bought it [we work there] someone recomended that we use benfield? anyone have anything to say about them? also i have some standard alfa 8c wheels which came off our car as re put novitec ones on from...
  8. North East
    After much reorganising (there are times when you dont want snow) I finally got to do the Giulietta taste drive. I have to applaud Benfield , it was a great idea, and the chance to use a car gives you a real idea of what its like. No I didnt thrash it. ( well just a little bit of speed) I did...
  9. North East
    OK Guys as promised I have a car for you to drool over Tuesday June 15th car will be here between 12 noon and 7pm Hope to see you all Best Wishes :thumbs:
  10. North East
    And once again no advisories! I bet it's rare for any main dealer to get a car in for service with such high miles never mind Benfield Alfa but looking at the bill i'd still be suprised if any of the specialists could have done it cheaper let alone supplied me with a brand new Mito for the day...
  11. North East
    Just had my 156,000 mile service at Benfield Alfa with only one advisory.........a wiper blade! There can't be many 8 year old cars around that do 20,000 miles a year and only need a wiper blade! Great service from again from Steve the Alfa technician, Kevin, Dax and Gavin who lent me his GT...
  12. Motoring Images
    Here's some piccies from the morning after the Benfield launch night. An empty showroom at 8:00am as I dropped my car off for a few jobs to be done, and a glorious 8C just begging to be photographed!
  13. North East
    I have to say that having visited the new Benfield showroom on a number of occassions recently, the service received has been second to none, from the Sales Lads, to the Service Dept, to the Alfa Technicians even down to the girls answering the phones everything has been spot on and very...
  14. North East
    I have been asked by Dax Pearce, the General Manager of Benfield to invite all north east members to their launch night on Thursday 29th January. Aldo Zilli will be cooking up a few dishes and they'll be an 8C in the showroom to drool over. If you’d like to attend please send an email to...
  15. North East
    Chaps, Both dealers know that i've been chomping at the bit to see the new Mito, they both know that I flew down to the Motor Show JUST to see the Mito, they both know that if I like it I will have one so guess which dealership is the ONLY dealership doing their utmost to get my business and...
  16. North East
    Just had a call from the current Service Manager at Benfield Alfa offering me/us a price match on Alfa Parts, Service and Maintenance i.e. "they will match the price offered by any of the local specialists" BYE BYE LYLES!
  17. North East
    Just popped to Benfield Alfa today to pick up some Selenia engine oil and managed to get some info regarding the Alfa franchise with some great news! At the moment the Fiat Showroom is being rebuilt for Skoda and Kia! The Alfa showroom is now back where it was! Benfield seem to be no longer...
  18. North East
    A couple of years back Benfield Motors on Railway Street were selling a 156 in BTCC livery! Just wondering if anyone knows where it is now and if it was a one off or did they do a run on BTCC liveried models?
  19. Introduce Yourself
    Dear Gillyalfagtv, Thanks for the info most helpful I live in the area and need a local dealer. Who am I best speaking to at the dealer ?
1-19 of 24 Results