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  1. Not Alfa related: beginner motorcycle question

    South Africa
    Gentlemen, I'd like to acquire a motorcycle soon. Since there are no Alfas presently that an academic can afford to further his relationship with acceleration, I'd like to get a bike which will be OK for a fast learner for about two or three years. My budget is R30 to 40 000 but less is better...
  2. Snow Foaming Help for a Beginner

    Car Detailing
    So having bought a well priced foam lance from Snow Foam Lance – Directhoses and some Bilt Hamber Foam from Bilt-Hamber Auto-Foam | Buy Auto-Foam Pre-Wash Cleaner Online | BH-AF I set about trying this out for the first time last night attached to an old basic K series Karcher (probably the...
  3. Complete beginner

    Car Detailing
    What do you guys recommend for a complete beginner, barely even washed my old car, really hope to start looking after my 159. Im not bothered about a full on show roam finish and am nervous about using waxes and clays and stuff because i have no experience what so ever and am worried i will...
  4. Oulton Park 18th October -Track day and beginner event

    North West
    There's a trackday at Oulton on Friday the 18th October - and it is followed by a 20 minute 'beginners' session, for people new to track days. I'll be going on the latter, so I wondered if a) Anyone else wanted to do the same. or b) Anyone was going on the full trackday and wanted to say...
  5. Beginner with abused!

    Car Detailing
    Can anyone give me the name of a good product/ method for removing or improving my 156 black paint? It's truly knackered! Whatever isn't stone chipped is scratched! It should probably just be re-sprayed but I can't afford that. :-/ I have g3 paste, some muk-off miracle shine that was for my...
  6. MOT - beginner's luck

    Alfa 164 & 166
    Well what can i say - first MOT in my ownership and she passed first time with no remedial work. Must buy a lottery ticket while i'm on a roll! OK, i had to rewire the headlamp washers and weld up a cracked manifold the day before - but still, you've got to say that's pretty impressive for a 12...
  7. Anti virus software for a beginner.

    The Technology Section with some research, and help from you good folk, I've got my new laptop bought.......but what about anti virus software? A friend recommends something called 'Antivir' which is free?? What would you advise?
  8. ICE GODS (Beginner advice Please)

    ICE & Blue&Me
    Morning all I am looking to buy a double Din head unit for my Alfa GT. I have read the various installation posts which are superb by the way but to be honest lost me after the first few paragraphs :wow: Anyway I would not be in a position to try the installation stuff myself (Unless i wanted...
  9. Beginner Guide - I've done it!

    Alfa 159, Brera & 946 Spider
    Hey forum! I've just brought my first Alfa Romeo! (See pics attached) An 06 reg 1.9 Diesel 159 Lusso with 39,000 on the clock for £7,600.. Very pleased indeed!! I'm looking for the best way to play my iPod Nano (5th Generation) through it's system.. I've done a bit of googleing and it's all...
  10. Replacing Airbag ECU - Beginner

    Republic of Ireland
    Hey Guys - New Alfa owner here in Dublin. I put a post up in the 156 forum and they recommended I throw it up here. :cool: Just 'inherited' a 1998 Alfa Romeo 156 2.0 L TS - Dark green with tan leather.. its my first car so I'm not sure if this has been a mistake but I love it already! So I...
  11. Replacing Airbag ECU - Beginner

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    Hey Guys - Newbie to Alfa owner forums and I posted this in an old thread earlier when I should probably have started a new thread. Really hoping ye can help out! I am new owner of 1998 Alfa Romeo 156 2.0 L TS.. its my first car so I'm not sure if this has been a mistake but I love it already...
  12. A beginner's first attempt at detailing

    Car Detailing
    In the past I've never been one for trying much effort at cleaning my car, when I get a new one I tend to wash for a couple of weeks before leaving it in the hands of the local supermarket carpark. Yet a combination of the arrival of the 147 and too much time spent reading these boards has got...
  13. Complete beginner to Unidiag

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    Right, so I've got all the stuff but can't seem to connect to the car. I've searched for this all over and can find no definitive post on the whole connection issue. I keep getting "Error Exception EEFFACE" I really need to know what everything should be set to and what order to do everything...
  14. Beginner

    Introduce Yourself
    Hello Just about to take delivery of a new 147 on 1st Sept. First time Alfa driver (have had Fiats and Renaults up until now, fancied a change) so all advice welcome.
  15. Possibly future owner of a '96 GTV. Beginner needing tips.

    Introduce Yourself
    I've be negotiating the purchase contract with my local independent dealer but I have a few reservations about signing on the line. A little bit of background information at this point would help you all understand my position. I live in Germany, Leipzig (World Cup city!) so getting hold of...
  16. Beginner

    General Alfa Discussion
    Hi Folks, What an enthusiastic bunch you are when it comes to these cars. I figure you people are the best to ask about this sort of thing: basically, I've always loved Alfas and have my heart set on a 155 sometime early in the new year (trip to Australia lined up first). I just want to know...