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  2. Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    Afternoon all, Just a quick question - does anyone know if a clutch needs bedding in at all? I've just had a new Valeo one fitted and wasn't sure how best to treat it for the next week or so. On a nice note, my heavy clutch pedal is now completely cured since getting the clutch done :thumbup:
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  4. Alfa 159, Brera & 946 Spider
    Working from home today, and I glanced up at the TV on in the background only to see a contestant on this programme rocking around in a lovely black 159! Anyone on here by any chance?!
  5. Alfa GTA
    Its that time again for my 147 GTA to go to bed for the winter. Still mint underneath and that how I want it to stay. No salty roads for my GTA. Anyone else doing the same? Time to buy a 147 jtd as a winter driver. And here she is in all her glory!
  6. Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    Hi Wizards, I recently bought a 2004 156 2.4 (69000kms) and all was well for 3 weeks. Then after replacing all four tyres, it developed a horrible squeeking, creaking at the right front. It seems pronounced at low speeds and when stationary can be produced by depressing the right fender. I...
  7. Alfa GTA
    My 147 GTA is off to the garage for the winter again. Its still mint underneath and thats the way I want to keep it. Anyone else putting theirs away???? Not bought an alfa this year though as a run arround......sorry got a supercharged cooper s. I know its letting the side down.:tut:
  8. Republic of Ireland
    Just wondering if anyone knows of a decent 155 for sale my one has decided to give up !! Rad has burst ,servo is gone and rust behind front wheel arch plastic covers to name but a few problems nct has run out , not sure whether to get these problems fixed and try sneek it through nct or just...
  9. Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    i have a 156 2.5 v6 Q, and my power steering went, so i put it on ramps to have a look and im losing gear oil also. gonna have to garage it for a while as i cant afford to fix it. sad times ahead.:cry:
  10. Engines (TS, JTS, JTD & V6)
    Ok, There has been a lot of confusion thrown up as to the correct oil to use for my 2.0Jts engine. Ive asked a few people on here and seem to get a varied response from 5w 40, 10w 40 to 10w 60 Now the reason im more confused will become aparant when you see the pictures below...... This is...
  11. Tuning & Upgrades
    Have just bought some Ferodo Premier pads and about to install them after I get my discs machined as their glazed. Do I need to bed in the Pads? And if so how would I do it? Have seen some articles on how to bed in DS2500 pads but I have Premiers so do they need to be bedded in also? Thanks...
  12. Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    Cambelt change - were you okay........... ..............
  13. General Alfa Discussion
    :rolleyes: This is how my day started. I awoke to find a hairdressers car blocking me in. I waited 2 hours before the biatch turned up to move it. :rant:
  14. Poll Room
    which side of the bed do you sleep on?
  15. South Scotland
    Well we had a we party at oor hoose last nicht. All went well until the news came on . Guess what they were singing. The Hokey Cokey is banned.I ken it's the party season and all down the years many people young and old have had a ball with the wee song. I wonder if I triggered it as when I...
  16. Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    my 156 that is, seems to be a bad "cold starter", any ideas? when I pull away after starting her up, she will drop revs flat to 1k and very slowly pick up. once the engine is warmed up a bit I can stop/start/engine off/on pull away perfectly fine, but that initial "get in the car and goto...
  17. Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    I'm curious, how long do you think it take to have dumpers/springs to bed in? And what are the most notorious feelings/improvements we can expect? Like ride quality... Cheers chaps. :)
  18. Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    Not sure is alignment done last week is right or not. Got new front tyres on Friday. Drove to Scotland Monday evening - scary drive as wet and windy roads - got blown all over. Lovely dry weather today coming back - however, still a fairly wild ride! How long for the new tyre film to wear...
  19. Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    Hi all Just got a new problem with my 2.4JTD. I have driven over a few deep pot-holes recently around Leeds...just in case this has any bearing on what I'm about to say BUT yesterday I started to get a Boiing noise (I know this dates me but - like when Zeberdee said it was time for bed on The...
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    Hugo, this is where you will be sleeping wink (if you behave that is... :) )