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  1. Beautiful Wheels

    Motoring Images
    Just followed a link from Cooljazz and ended up with the following pics These might look familar but are 18" Nice - there are over 50 pages of pics of Alfa wheels - these Japanese guys are really into their Alfas
  2. Oh what a beautiful morning

    General Alfa Discussion
    No traffic, warm engine, cold air, windows down, sweeping curves, lots of tunnels to accelerate through; had to go to work early this morning, I think I'll do it every day from now on! :D :D :D :D
  3. Beautiful Bellas

    Motoring Images
    Hi, I've finally made it to 2000 posts ;) I've been keeping this moment to post some pics of my Bella ;) But time hasn't been much so I only got to it today... The one with the 33 was taken by my home... I havent managed to drive them both at the same time :D :D The other ones where taken on...
  4. It was such a beautiful day..

    The Classic Alfa Romeos
    .. I had to get in my bella and take her for a spin
  5. It's a beautiful day - Part II

    Motoring Images
    You canot imagine what a fantastic day it was today here, in Porto. 22ºc, sun, almost no wind... a tipical Spring day but to find in April. :cool: And to make it perfect, my dealer gave me the key of a SW1.9jtd and said "Enjoy it Hugo. See you latter." And the way I went... Yahooooo. I can't...
  6. A Beautiful Sydney Sunset

    Motoring Images
    This is what a call a great summer sunset !, Took this photo last weekend during a very nice dinner picknick :)
  7. It's a beautiful day!!!

    Motoring Images
    And what a beautiful day we have today! I thought it would be hard to return to school after the Christmas vacations. But, with such a beautiful day we are having it's a pleasure to wake up... I took this picture 90 minutes ago. The outside temperature was 13ºc (it was 5ºc at 8am). The sea was...
  8. The Good, the Bad, and the Beautiful...

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    Hi, Am proud new owner of a 147 2.0 in gabbiano blue. Absolutely love the car: not driven anything with as much character since a soft-top Triumph Herald 20 years ago (unlike the Herald, my Alfa hasn't got a bed-spring under the throttle pedal...yet). Came back to the car with some shopping to...
  9. Top 100 of most beautiful cars

    General Alfa Discussion
    The best dutch car magazine has published a list of what they think are the 100 most beautiful cars of all times. The winner is the Aston Martin DB4GT Zagato - 1960. Since there are a couple of Alfa's in the list as well, here are the results of the Alfa's 10. Alfa Romeo Giulia TZ - 1963 14...
  10. These beautiful Alfas

    General Alfa Discussion
    Would someone kindly put together and post a picture page of most (if not all) of the popular Alfas listed on the other thread. Perhaps as a poll as every magazine seems to be doing this Christmas. We will then officially have the most beautiful Alfa ever as voted for by the AO forum. Criteria...
  11. Which is the most beautiful Alfa of all time?

    General Alfa Discussion
    Based purely on looks,not speed,power,driving ability or any other criteria. Would you choose a 2900B,Stradale,Boat tail Spider.....or any other number of classic Alfas past or present? Tough choice,but for the purest,most elegant shape,I`d go for the boat tail Spider. :)
  12. Apparently not beautiful enough....

    Motoring Images
    ...for the 100 Most Beautiful Cars ever :mad: :( :mad:
  13. That beautiful 147 front bumper ... sob, sob

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    I suppose it was bound to happen wasn't it? With my lovely 147 I've been oh-so-careful and mighty conscious of where I leave it. 6 months old and some idiot has nudged the front of my bella. Right in the 'V' - 2 inch crack. Aaarrrrgghhh! Ok, so there are worse things in life but I thought I'd...