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  1. Beard or No Beard

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    Simple. and it's pronounced berrd in here ;)
  2. Have you ever received

    Way Off Topic
    a facial shave from someone else? I am currently sporting my first ever beard and after living with it for a month, I'm getting bored of it. So I thought that because cutting it off myself is likely to result in a trip to A&E + accute embarassment and since I've never had the experience...
  3. Should bobda dye his beard or his head hair?

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    Well, which :confused:
  4. To Beard or not to Beard

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    What are your views on facial hair..or lack off :)
  5. GT beard? ;)

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    is the bearded owner of the black GT in reading here - they gave me a cheery wave as we passed by :)