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  1. Newbie from Bath, UK

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    Hi people, Cruize here from Bath in England. I have a 147 1.6 T.Spark I'm trying to keep alive until I've saved for a Brera! If anyone could direct me to info about a full camshaft with variator change from a much lower mileage donor engine that would be awesome!
  2. Having a bath!

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    and with some editing someone on another forum did me Lee
  3. gave the wagon a bath!

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    Just been and washed the wagon. I am sure its the meanest sw around!
  4. AVS Tunley, Bath

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    I have heard that AVS Tunley, Bath are Alfa Specialists. Can anyone confirm this?!
  5. Alfa Specialist near Bath - UK

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    Does anyone know of a specialist near the Frome / Bath / Trowbridge area who can change the cambelt on my 2004 GT 2.0 JTS - and how much is it likely to cost. Its just jumped over the 50k mark and last had a change at 28k, just over 4 years ago - therefore, due a change. Good service and...
  6. new alfa owner near Bath

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    Hi, I'm Martin, have recently bought a GT after 9 and a half years with a Chrysler neon. I've bin lusting after a GTV v6 for five years now, however recently got the job which meant I could realise my and its a 70 mile a day commute, so I had to go sensible and invest in GT diesel in red (had to...
  7. Newbie of Bath

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    Hello one and all. Did not think I would be on this site 10 days ago but tomorrow I pick up a 2005 Spider 3.2 V6Light Blue with 30,000 miles on the clock. Excited or what :inlove::inlove: So I am sure I will be on this site asking questions, mostly stupid for the dye hard ones on this forum...
  8. My baby after a hot bath

    Alfa Romeo Cyprus Club
    Hey guys sorry if you were expecting a hot babe but this is what I can provide. The baby just had a bath today and it was calling for a picture. Unfortunetly it was raining all day today so it went back into its garage for the rest of it.
  9. Bath based GTV needs new belt - which garage?

    South West
    Every now and then when I start the car, I get that awful 'diesel sound' for a minute or two. I am told that this might be a warning that the belt or tensioner needs replacing. So...rather than wait for it to snap, I've bought a belt kit and am now looking for a garage in the Bristol or Bath...
  10. Bath based GTV needs new belt - which garage?

    Alfa GTV & 916 Spider
    Every now and then when I start the car, I get that diesel sound for a minute or so. Something I am told is the 'warning' that the tensioner or belt might need attention. So........rather than wait for it to snap, I've bought a belt kit, and am now looking for a garage to fit it. Any one of...
  11. Alfa's in the bath...

    General Alfa Discussion
    heres my alfa enjoying a nice bath, where's yours? :)
  12. Any good indies near Bath?

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    Hello alfaowners! I need to get my car a cambelt change urgently near Bath. Does anyone know of any good (cheap) indie garages? Thank you all! Ethan
  13. 8C spotted in Bath today....

    General Alfa Discussion
    I was out in the work van today and heading down the Bath bypass (A46?) when coming over the brow of the hill came a red 8C! Have to say, it sounded beautiful, and looked alright to! :) Had a biggish Alfa Romeo logo in vinyl on the side, so I'm guessing a demonstrator?
  14. Advice on using and buying an Ultrasonic bath

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    I would like to clean the EGR valve on a 2003 147 JTD. After reading through a couple of threads I noticed some people are taking apart the valve and dropping all the parts in an Ultrasonic bath. This to me sounds like a great way of cleaning, but what sort of unit do I purchase and are they any...
  15. Alfa Wavers in Bath.....

    South West
    ....where are they all considering there are so many of us driving them about!?!?! I have told great tales to jealous friends and family who own boring rep-mobiles about the friendliness and openess of Alfa drivers - particularly the ones here on the forum. Then taking passengers through Bath...
  16. Bath AOers beware

    South West
    Last night my 156 had its front and rear badges stolen so just watch out and i hope it doesnt happen to anyone else:mad:
  17. 'Millions' of Alfas in Bath area?

    South West
    Okay, maybe not millions, but I've been a 156 owner for two weeks now, and I must see about four or five different Alfas everyday. I see everything from brand new GTs to an old skool Giulia parked in someone's drive! Even had a Nuvola Blue 156 park next to me in town the other day! Surely...
  18. When you take a bath do you use bubble bath?

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    Well do you?
  19. couple of pics of the 156 after a bath

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    nothing to see
  20. Anyone waved at a red 156 at Bath today?

    South West
    Was just wondering because my friend said a guy in a silver 156 waved at me outside the BMW dealer in Bath today... :confused: