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  1. Here we go with the wallet bashing!!

    Alfa GTA
    Just had my recently purchased GTA SW inspected at Alfamania. Needs a few issues dealt with but the main issue is that one of the rear shocks needs replacing. I'm thinking I may as well get both rears replaced. I just want to change then like for like. Does anyone know where I could but some...
  2. Mito Bashing [Literally]

    Alfa MiTo
    Our poor Mito has been bashed:cry: As if we don't spend enough time at the Garage! My Wife was in car sat at road junction waiting to move off, next thing a Merc ran into her rear. Road conditions good [no snow/ice],Guy is immediatly out of his car and in her face, no he wasn't asking if she was...
  3. Jostling the Pontiff....not bashing the Bishop.

    Way Off Topic
    Woke up this morning to find that someone had lunged at the Pope during the procession into Midnight Mass (moved to 22.00 for Health and Safety Reasons). A person in a pink hoody jumped the security barrier and ran towards the Pope, in a move familiar to most Italian Rugby fans, the security...
  4. Brera gets a Bashing in Autoexpress

    General Alfa Discussion
    It seems Autoexpress had the same cars on test as Autocar (see Nomads post). They placed it last and compalned it was no faster than a hot hatch, they mention it actually posted the slowest time around the track!!!:( :( :(