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  1. Someone bashed him (My 147);-(

    General Alfa Discussion
    Hey guys, normally silent forum member here. My lovely red Alfa 147 has given me no trouble and I wear my alfaowner badge with pride and feel like the most special man I the road. I've fitted an aux cable, front suspension arms, new pads and discs in the 10 months I've owned him. The sickener...
  2. Rear left wing bashed

    Alfa GTV & 916 Spider
    New neighbours moved in this week. Before I had a chance to meet Mr Neighbour, his rental van met the back of my spidie.... I have (from searching the forum) contacts for a breaker in London and another in Surrey, but with all your ears to the grapevine, does anyone know of anyone else with a...
  3. My MiTo's been bashed

    Alfa MiTo
    Coming home from work tonight I was just joining my local bypass alongside a minibus when scccrrrraaaaaappppe, yes we had a coming together. Whether the driver swung out a bit too much or I didn't leave enough room (I thought I had) I just don't know - the driver did give me a filthy look and...
  4. baby got bashed

    Alfa GTV & 916 Spider
    So just had spent some more money on my baby getting new tyres so feeling like da man in my freshly cleaned car and i am on my way round to a barbie waiting at an Island with a bus behind me , looks a bit close i thought......waiting for a gap in the trafic .......Bang dopey bus driver decided...
  5. Bashed my 159

    South Scotland
    Well, I've been a numpty and scraped the car when parking. It was at the dreaded Tescos. When reversing into the space I heard a crunch. The reverse sensors did not beep, so I guess the obstacle is outwith the range. The obstacle was a stange pole with a hoop or halo round it level with the...
  6. Grr someone's bashed my Brera

    General Alfa Discussion
    I noticed it this afternoon, on the passenger door/wing join. I couldn't work out how or when it happened, so I retraced my appointments from earlier, and there is no way it could have happened today, so I got yesterday's diary page and went through the appointments, then it dawned on me I had...
  7. Just Bashed My Car!!

    General Alfa Discussion
    I can't believe it, I have just bashed the front corner of my beautiful car. My own stupid fault too, bieng silly and impatient. ARSE! The first man I rang said he could do it but it would be extreamly expencive. No figure given! Have just moved to London, any ideas on body shops? , its...
  8. Bashed rear end

    Alfa 164 & 166
    Afternoon guys I had a nasty encounter with a trailer last night that somebody kindly parked behind me and i've now got a lasge bash in the back of the car, just below the rear light (picture to follow....). Anyway, i was wondering if anybody could give me some ball park prices that body shops...