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  1. Alfa 164 & 166
    Set off yesterday morning after getting Lucy all prepared for the journey. Socket set etc jist in case . She hadn't been used fir a wee while so I thought as she is more comfortable than TIa and a guid run would restore her battery mojo .Then with ONE NIGHT IN LARKHALL running though my mind and...
  2. North East
    Owt happening with that 75 of yours?, and whats the GTA upto? :D
  3. Yorkshire Would love to see some Tykes there this Saturday.:)
  4. North East
    Chums, Who fancies a run over the tops on Saturday 8th Sept with a glistening bacon butty at your destination? Who wouldn't, frankly? I'm thinking we should start we get quiet roads and avoid arguments with respective partners about ******ing the weekend pratting about in cars...
  5. Alfa GTV & 916 Spider
    A word of warning to everyone (chances are none of you commit such a faux pas)... If you fit an airflow meter make sure you fit it the right way round - the arrow on the body has to point up, i.e. the air enters the air filter and flows up through the airflow meter. I fitted it the other way...
  6. North East
    Did a hard reset on my phone and lost everything! Feel free to text me if you'd like me to have your number again.
  7. North East
    How about if we meet up on 11th February for a meet, run out and some breakfast comestibles? I'm open to suggestions on the where......but my thinking was it would be early so we can make the most of the day afterwards etc. (fitting in football etc.). (I know I set a 4 Feb meet yesterday -...
  8. North East
    So is it true? Is he really that bad for you.........................?? Eating Red Meat Every Day Can Increase The Risk Of Pancreatic Cancer By A Fifth New Research Shows | UK News | Sky News
  9. Meets & Events Images
    As it turned out we all had a Full English when we finally stopped. We had a wonderful run out between Teesdale and Weardale - in absolutely fantastic conditions, once we got above the fog (which we soon did). Here's a linky:
  10. North East
    The plan: Obtain mid/early morning salty, pork goodness and talk nonsense, possibly go for a tootle. We have a few weeks now to firm up (ahem). Shall we make it the A68 place again? But - lets 'ave your views...and get it sorted. :thumbs:
  11. North East
    I Want To Organise An Early Morning Coffee & Bacon Butty Meet In The Next Few Weeks Suggestions for date and location please. I was thinking about the Hartside cafe but it’s a good 100 mile/3 hour run.
  12. Meets & Events Images
    trust fat gaz to arrange a meet where there's a bacon butty van... didn't take many pics, was too hot for hard work like that sorry didn't take any pics of our cars - even though there was 23 of them :o didn't take any of the 50 gazillion motorbikes there either or any of the...
  13. North East
    hope this works :confused:
  14. North West
    Mini meet at mine as discussed in the AONW lounge.:D The idea is for anyone to come along, have a look at my Bertie, contribute what they think I need to be doing, how hard it might be etc and partake of a bacon butty and hot mug of tea or coffee for maybe an hour one Sunday morning in the...
  15. North Scotland
    Hi folks, well the weather we have had of late suggests that spring isn't too far away :cool: To help blow off the cobwebs of the winter and to get you all in the mood for the upcoming meets over this year, we are going to have a bacon roll run on Sunday 13 March. Meeting up at the car park in...
  16. North Scotland
    Hello Guys and Gals I'm happy to announce that the date for the next Sunday Bacon Roll Run has been decided and will take place on Sunday 31st October. We will meet at the Gillies Lair, Bridge of Dee at 10.30am and will proceed to the Ythan Hotel in Newburgh for bacon...
  17. Poll Room
    Smoked or unsmoked bacon???
1-19 of 29 Results