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  1. Stelvio QF wins 'Driver' Award.

    Alfa Stelvio
  2. Car of the year award (Bullshiz)

    General Motoring Discussion
    I like this guy, straight to the point and no B.S attitude. Quite funny aswell to boot.
  3. Alfa Romeo Giulia wins �EuroCarBody 2016� award

    Alfa Giulia
    Alfa Romeo Giulia wins “EuroCarBody 2016” award Alfa Romeo Giulia wins the prestigious “EuroCarBody 2016” award see Alfa Romeo Giulia wins the prestigious “EuroCarBody 2016” award - Press Releases - Fiat Chrysler Automobiles EMEA Press EuroCarBody Awards / EuroCarBody 2016 / Review -...
  4. Fleet World award for Giulia

    Alfa Giulia
    The "one to watch" award goes to the Alfa ALFA ROMEO GIULIA NAMED "ONE TO WATCH IN 2016" IN FLEET WORLD HONOURS 2016 - Press - Fiat Group Automobiles Press
  5. Award winner

    Alfa Giulia
    Well the reader award anyway, though no reader would've driven it...
  6. What Car? 2016 Reader Award

    Alfa Giulia
    I don't buy the mag but get sent emails every now and then, must've inadvertently signed-up at some point. Anyway, you can vote for the Giulia if you like. I have. What Car? 2015 Reader Award
  7. Award Winning Autobrite Polish Day Out RSVP (Postponed)

    South Scotland
    On the back of Chris picking up the award "best modern coupe" at the Scottish Italian Car day Chris has came up with a cracking event idea to enable everyone to sample some of the magic potion used on the day. The sole supplier of Autobrite products has kindly agreed to have his premises...
  8. Bodyshop award

    South Scotland
    Hi folks A small mindless plug here I hope admin don't mind , as most people on here know I'm an office manager at D Cram Body Repairs in falkirk and we are more than happy to take on work for anyone at a competitive price, a few members have already used our services and hopefully a few more...
  9. Golf wins "rigged" award...

    General Motoring Discussion
    From AutoNewsEurope... BERLIN/FRANKFURT (Reuters) -- Germany's ADAC car club said revelations that it had falsified the results of its annual car award struck at the core of its credibility and has led some critics to raise questions about its car safety tests. ADAC communications director...
  10. Another award for Alfa

    South Africa
    The Alfa Disco Volante (flying saucer) has won the 2013 conceot cars and prototype award. It shares the 331 kw v8 motor with the 8c, topping out at 290kph. In 2012, the award was also won by Alfa, the stunning 4c! So, if you're driving an Alfa, you're driving a marque that has a rich and...
  11. National GT 2013 Meet - Best Of Award / Photo Thread

    Meets & Events Images
    Sure we will have loads of pictures to post after the event on the 20th April....Thought I would pre-empt thread so we can put pictures all in the same place. To add a bit of fun I have put together a presentation gift for the GT that is collectively considered to be the "best" of the day...
  12. And the award for most unreliable car goes to....

    General Motoring Discussion
    An interesting read, whether you agree with the way the data was collated or not, still an odd collection of cars in both lists. Any sign of Alfa....... PistonHeads Headlines - Europe's most (and least) reliable used cars
  13. 4C already wins a award!!

    General Alfa Discussion
    Alfa 4C beats Aston to concept car award | Autocar Alfa 4C beats Aston to concept car award The Alfa Romeo 4C has won the prestigious concept car award at the Villa d'Este Concours d'Elegance The Alfa Romeo 4C has won the prestigious concept car award at the Villa d'Este Concours d'Elegance...
  14. Silverware for Alfa Dealer

    Republic of Ireland
    Anyone interested in getting their Alfa looked after properly would need to check these guys out, I have not been with them personally since December (no issues with the 159 thank god) but friends and family swear by them. Auto Maintenance Services wins Fiat Award Auto Maintenance Services Ltd
  15. Dodgy punter of the week award goes to

    General Alfa Discussion
    this car; now re-listed on e-bay again (shock!) Dodgy? Well there...
  16. And the award for daft question goes to... (sub / dog question)

    ICE & Blue&Me
    More a playful thought than a real concern, but am about to get a used Giulietta with Bose fitted. Sub lives in boot. Dog will live in boot. Will dog go entirely crazy with bass? Is there a way of turning down the sub frequencies if he does get unhappy? Or should I just get rid of the dog and...
  17. Dick Head of the week award.

    Alfa GTV & 916 Spider
    I would just like to nominate myself for the Dick Head of the week award.. Oil change time.. drained oil and replaced filter.. got distracted by missus and eldest daughter.. topped engine up with new expensive oil.. new expensive oil all over the drive.. forgot to but the bloody sump plug...
  18. Twinny wins award at Silverstone

    Alfa GTV & 916 Spider
    Largely to get away from the family on my birthday, I entered the faithful Babe Magnet for the Pomeroy Trophy last Saturday at Silverstone. It’s a handicap event run by the Vintage Sports Car Club but open to cars of all ages. Based on an unfathomable handicap formula, the objective is to find...
  19. Quicksale Sports & Performance -Award nomination

    North East
    Morning Gents, Spotted this article in the Telegraph today: Your chance to vote for your favourite garage - Telegraph Honest and quality garage service is hard to come by so I thought Quicksale S&P more than deserve a nomination (link within the article). If you agree I would encourage you to...
  20. Fiat Wins Off-Road Award...

    General Motoring Discussion