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  1. Alfa Mito

    My new Mito
  2. Alfa Romeo 147gta

    147GTA Q2 Imola, Koni SPORT & Eibach, 18" GT
  3. Alfa 155
    as you britt´s never tell me how to post a pic. i changed my was taken at mantorp park, sweden´s best racing track during a club alfa romeo sverige track meeting in the start of september. my 2.0 16 v.spec:.squadra chip, ragazzon straight pipe one sillencer from cat.and back...
  4. Poll Room
    after some months of various unsolved problems (and almost as many threads) the master (that's Smaky btw :lol:) has got his hands on realslimshady's 20v 156 ... so just for fun what do we think he will find out ...
  5. Poll Room
    We want Bazza's real Avatar back
  6. Alfa GTA
    How do you guys manage to upload photos? When I tried it says file too big? I took pics of my car with a 10mp camera does that make a difference?
  7. Poll Room
    Given my Japan-oriented avatar, shall I get a more British one? PS: No Other option :p PS 2: :lol:
  8. Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    pic of my new baby :)
  9. Motoring Images
    Somebody on the Dutch forum uses this one. :cheese: :lol: :p
  10. Alfa 33, Sud & Sprint
    well finally got round to sorting the avatar out, after puttin it off for months. any way hope you all like it. my favourate one is the thrusting stormtrooper iv seen on here not sure of the name . but it makes me laugh out loud every time i see it:lol:
  11. Poll Room
    which pic?? pic one pic two or do i leave as is :confused:
1-14 of 77 Results