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  1. Buyers Guide in AutoItalia

    4C & 4C Spider
    This months magazine has an article.
  2. Autoitalia @ Brooklands 2016

    Meets & Events Images
    Thought i would share some of the pictures i took from this yrs Autoitalia.
  3. Alfa buyer's guide Autoitalia magazine

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    FYI, there's an Alfa Romeo buyer's guide in this months Autoitalia magazine (issue 242 April 2016) featuring: 105 GTV Bertie Montreal Alfetta GTV6 75 155 916 GTV & Spider 147/156 GTA I would hope you're all subscribers anyway to this great mag :thumbup:
  4. Autoitalia @ Brooklands - 30th april

    South East
    it's that time of year again One of the events of the year as 100's of Italian cars of every conceivable marque descend upon brooklands You will get to see some lovely cars in action in the adjoining Mercedes Benz world track as well as runs up the test hill, all makes for a great day out with...
  5. AutoItalia @ Stanford Hall On Sunday

    Alfa GTA
    Are any GTA owners going?
  6. Autoitalia today!

    Alfa GTA
    What a great day, I kept a low profile after having to park my car right up round the end of the bank when I got there late, but it was nice to see so many GTA's together. It was good to see so many of the Autolusso boys, Andy, John Day et al all walking round and actually doing what we all...
  7. Autoitalia Brooklands 2nd May 2015

    North West
    Is anyone going from the Northwest? I'm going to be setting off early tomorrow, its nearly a 5hr drive.
  8. Autoitalia Day at Brooklands

    South East
    One of the best italian Car events of the year happens on 2nd May 2015 when hundreds of italian cars descend on brooklands museum for the day. It's an excellent day out with runs up the test hill, and the chance to see some italian exotica being put through their paces on the adjacent MB world...
  9. alfa bumper autoitalia issue

    General Alfa Discussion
    46 pages dedicated to buying alfa,s,best £4.70 you will spent this month:thumbs:
  10. GTAs at AutoItalia Brooklands, Saturday May 4th

    Alfa GTA
    If anyone is going to this event we will plan to have the GTA hospitality marquee there and it would be great to get as many GTAs together as possible. This is a great event and usually the biggest gathering of GTAs in the year, so well worth attending. No need to register or anything, just turn...
  11. AutoItalia used Giulietta buyers guide

    Alfa Giulietta
    A good write up for the Giulietta in the latest copy of AutoItalia points out that it gets repeat buyers . Some people on their second must be a good sign , they write.
  12. Zeggi's 3.7 SC GTA in AutoItalia

    Alfa GTA
    There's a nice article in this month's AutoItalia on a modified 156 GTA which now has an Autodleta 3.7 supercharged engine. I thought it looked familiar and it is Zeggi's machine (he used to be on here). Now running nearly 400bhp and 352 ft/lbs of torque according to the article. I did a bit of...
  13. Who's going auto-italia

    South East
    Come down tomorrow to visit Proalfa | Italian Car Specialist in Watford Hertfordshire. The gt race car will be on plus the punto. Its being held at hope to see you there
  14. Autoitalia Brooklands Saturday 04/05/2013

    South Central I'm thinking of going to this - weather looks fine - Loz sorted my car today :) Leaving Fareham 8:00am to try and meet up at Tesco (see above). Can't decide between A32 or A3 (tunnel) route yet. Just incase...
  15. AutoItalia @Brooklands this Saturday

    Alfa MiTo
    Hi all, Autoitalia @ Brooklands Museum and Mercedes Benz world is on this Saturday, any other Mito owners planning on going? apparently the sun may even be out, (no guarantee of course) Auto Italia - Italian Car Day - Brooklands Museum
  16. Any giulietta owners going autoitalia next weekend?

    Alfa Giulietta
    I went last year was great probably go next weekend , anyone else?
  17. Autoitalia Day at Brooklands

    South East
    It's Back :D 4th May 2013 - Gates Open 8.30am One of The biggest gatherings of Italian Cars in the South East Alfa, ABarth, fiat, Ferrari, Lamborghini, maserati, lancia's of all shapes and sizes come together for a cracking day out including demo runs on the adjoining Mercedes World Test...
  18. Autoitalia Issue 199

    Alfa GTA
    Good article on the 156 GTA's:thumbs: Familar cars & owners too:cool: Cheers,
  19. Anyone interested in Autoitalia Supercar Sunday @ Brooklands (15th July)

    General Alfa Discussion
    Apologies for posting out of the events forum, but anyone wanting to get into the Alfa area must be pre-registered for this event. It's all a bit lastminute, but please PM or e-mail me with your name/address/reg number and I'll try and sort it out if it's not too late. Event thread is here...
  20. Autoitalia Supercar Sunday Gta's at Brooklands

    UK National Events
    A new event this year from Autoitalia. And it will include some seriously rare Supercars. Look on the Autoitalia website for information. I will be there with the stand and several Gta's will be coming along. Breakfast rolls for the early one's. Plus a few spaces might be available to go on...