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    Long story short my alfa GT 1.9jtd is up for a service, a basic service. The belts and everything else has already been done so this time it is just fluids and filters. Got a quote from the main Alfa dealer in the area, they came back at 250 Euros, i'm thinking what a great deal from a dealer...
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    Hello Alfisti, I've stumbled over this site when looking for information on Quaife / Q2 differentials and it has been a great place for information so far. I own a '01 156 2.4JTD which I bought in '06 and it's basically still in its original state, with the optional sport package and 17"...
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    This is for real... :cheese: EDIT: The piccies are on the third post. :D
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    Thought this might amuse. A 155 V6 selling for lots of money E-Bay 155 V6 (Austrian)