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  1. South East Number of planned dates, could be combined with a convoy drive down. Attended two last year really good meet up. 7th April. 2nd June 4th August 6th October. Couple of posts from 2017 meets with lots of pics and...
  2. South Africa
    On Saturday the 6th, the festivities, will take the form of a 'Spit and Polish' which is a relaxed form of Concourse d'Elegance for cars in common use. There will be 'Type 105', Type 116 and 'Modern' classes. For the competition quality prepared cars, there will be the 'Master Class' which will...
  3. South Africa
    On Sunday the 7th, we will offer our annual Italian track day at the Zwartkop Raceway. The day will be divided into classes according to driver experience and car potential. This is a fun day and time keeping is not strictly allowed. Like other years there will be the normal “on track” safety...
  4. Meets & Events Images
    Lincs Evening Meet – Marinas, Boats & Classic Cars No. 6 – Pics – 27 Aug 2015. We had our annual trip out to the Classic Car night at Burton Waters near Lincoln and, once again, after a shaky start, the weather was kind to us. Turned out to a good night after my initial worries that not many...
  5. South Central
    Anybody keen? It's a good way to spend a Sunday morning. Jim Price and I are going. WILTON WAKE UP | Wilton House
  6. Motoring Images
    Great day and good show from all the staff at CM Garage in East Kilbride. We all had a fantastic day out and the food/drink that was laid out for us was excellent. Not to mention the games and laughs shared by all. Top stuff all round and meeting some of the excellent Alfa owners on the day was...
  7. South Scotland
    The CM Garage BBQ Open Day is coming soon .........Don't miss it ! Full details in the Event Link :- :D
  8. South Scotland
    Last year's CM Garage Open Day BBQ event was a fantastic day despite the disappointing weather.This year the event takes place on Sunday 24th Aug . Start time around 12 . Free diagnostics with other attractions (TBA) will be on-site including a bouncy castle for the kids. Some tasty BBQ washed...
  9. South Africa
    Has anyone seen the updates on SA Alfa Romeo FB page recently? I was at Chatz on Saturday and they said the car is coming Dec.:cheese: Now, AR SA says a launch will be done 1 Aug? Or atleast eluding to a launch. What is going on with these people.
  10. Meets & Events Images
    Image thread opened for those that attended meet today .. My contribution .... [/URL][/IMG]
  11. East Anglia
    This week is Peterborough CAMRA beer festival week. Last day tomorrow. A thoroughly relaxed way to get totally smashed. Interesting food, vast range of beer, Cider, Perry, wine, ale etc. plus decent live music, a fairground ride or three and nice relaxed atmosphere. Well worth the time if you...
  12. North Scotland
    Folks, Nothing "official", so to speak, but Pauline and I are heading down to Pittenweem in Fife this Saturday, partly for a day out, partly to have a nosey round the art festival. If anyone else fancies coming along, or meeting up, give me a shout. Cheers, Stu
  13. Alfa GTA
    This has been posted in the South West section for a while, but nobody seems that interested. If anybody is looking for a day out on Sun I can defiantly recommend it. This event has only been going since 2009, but it's growing year on year. It's a little bit like a smaller version of...
  14. Yorkshire
    Burley Classic Vehicle Show 2013 Date: Sunday 18th August Venue: Burley Cricket Club, Grange Road, Burley in Wharfedale, West Yorkshire LS29 7NF Time: 11am to 4pm Cost: Free entry to vehicle owners & visitors alike. A chance to see a superb display of Classic, Vintage & Veteran Vehicles, with...
  15. South East
    Carfest is also happening at Laverstoke Park Farm, on 23rd to 25th August, Jody Scheckter's place just outside Basingstoke. Starting at just £55.00 per head, it's not cheap, but there are cakes and pies! Certainly looks interesting.
  16. Tuning & Upgrades
    there is a road closure and no diversion (typical highways, if there was a diversion it would probably take you the wrong way anyway), so here are directions. looks pretty simple... last call, if interested get your name down, should be able to squeeze you in.
  17. East Midlands
    Morning all, anyone going from the EM to Waxstock (Car cleaning/detailing show) in Peterborough on 26th? Let me know if you fancy a Convoy. CB's and handles optional! :lol:
  18. East Midlands
    Hi, I booked a full days trackday at the excellent new snetterton 300 track for 11th August. My car's engine let go and I can't go. Offering this at half price at £99. Let me know via [email protected] if you are interested, cheers Nigel
  19. South East
    The idea came last year while on holiday in the Scilly Isles. On the small island of St Agnes, my wife & I were in the Turk’s Head, the UK’s most South-Westerly pub. I wondered where, on the British mainland, the eight compass point pubs might be. Back home and researching further, I found...
  20. Republic of Ireland
    Nenagh -- Aug 21st at 11am (20mins Limerick, 40mins Portlaoise, on the motorway) Parking and tea/coffee available on-site. That time of the month again folks, here's the date for the next one to meet up for a bit of car-related chat on a Sunday morning.... Any Alfa drivers in the area feel free...
1-20 of 42 Results