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  1. eBay auctions for 4x164 Koni shocks and 2x 164 rear electronic shocks

    Alfa 164 & 166
    Hi guys, Some of you will have seen these items while browsing eBay, I've been trying to sell them for a while but no dice! So I've now started them at 99p as I need them to go to new homes. All relevant info is provided in the listings, but feel free to ask any other questions you might have...
  2. Alfas at Classic Car Auctions - Silverstone

    General Alfa Discussion
    Spotted there are four 'bellas' coming up for auction on Tuesday 3rd March 2015 at Classic Car Auctions, Silverstone. A rhd 2000 GTV, 33 1.7 16v Sportwagon, 2000 Spider Veloce and lhd 2000 GTV. Here is the e-link to the auction catalogue: Did you spot the SZ that...
  3. Race Retro / Silverstone Auctions Alfas

    General Alfa Discussion
    A number of lovely Alfas are going 'under the hammer' at next weekend's Silverstone Auction at Race Retro Race Retro - Europe's premier historic motorsport show, classic cars and bikes Following the sky-high prices achieved at the Solo Alfa sale at Retromobile in Paris, it will be interesting...
  4. Car Auctions in Warwickshire-classic and cheap cars?!

    West Midlands
    Hello, I'm thinking of purchasing maybe a bit of a project car, and I thought that I should at least try out a car auction, even just for the experience rather than anything else! Does anyone know of any auctions that do cheap and older cars in or around Warwickshire/West Midlands?! If so...
  5. missed out on two auctions now!

    Alfa GTV & 916 Spider
    dont you hated it when you are bidding on something, even winning and you go out (bloody mrs) "dont worry we will be back in time" and you never are :mad: :lol: twice now i have missed out on "bargin" leather interiors :inlove: tan leather £138 :cry...
  6. Carryduff auctions

    Northern Ireland
    There are a crap load of very low mileage Spiders going through this week just in case anyone is in the market for one, or could be tempted by low price and miles. I understand they have at least 10 but the website shows only 3, all 2.2's.
  7. Another 147 GTA @ BCA Auctions

    Alfa GTA
    Not the cleanest looking example but could be a good buy for someone. Auction at: Brighouse 21 Jul 2011 - Jardine Motors Group ALFA ROMEO 147 3.2 GTA 3 Doors, Hatchback Petrol Manual Transmission, Silver Registration MJ04LXR Registration date 30/06/2004 Mileage 29272 Warranted Colour...
  8. v reg super going through the Newcastle auctions

    Alfa 164 & 166
    If it was closer i'd go and see how much it goes for - bound to be very cheap!! Welcome - Scottish Motor Auction Group - and search for alfas :D
  9. Alfa Sales and auctions query

    General Alfa Discussion
    Was wondering whether anyone out there knew of any specialist sports car auction or even a way of maximising the money for my GTV "97 - was thinking it would be more appreciated by specialists rather than the ebay junkies that dont really have a clue. no offence. and yes, unfortunately i do have...
  10. alfa stuff o n web auctions

    General Alfa Discussion
    Had a look on today and did a search on 'alfa romeo' - brought back 24 pages of alfa romeo stuff being auctioned! Everything from berlinas to bumpers to stickers. Have a look, you might find something you want. Anyone know of other good auction sites with alfa stuff?