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  1. Guinness World Record Attempts

    West Midlands
    Coventry Transport Museum - Guinness World Record Attempts
  2. Guinness World Record Attempts

    East Midlands
    Coventry Transport Museum - Guinness World Record Attempts
  3. A few new HDR Attempts from The Gateshead/Newcastle Quayside

    Non Motoring Images
    I used 3 RAW images at -2, 0 & +2 Exposures which were then processed with Photomatix Pro 3 and Oloneo. A few tweaks in PS 5 aswell just to straighten and crop. Cant seem to fully avoid haloing but theyre better than my 1st attempt:) #1 was shot using my Samyang 8mm Fisheye while the...
  4. Stop-Start system, takes two attempts to start

    Alfa MiTo
    Done a search, but can't find anyone talking about this... Lovin' my new MultiAir 135, much more oomph and better handling than the 120. However, the Stop/Start system often doesn't start the engine at the first attempt. It waits a second and then has another go. Not cool for those racing...
  5. How many attempts until you passed.

    Poll Room
    Now that Young Gav passed his driving test first time (:thumbs: well done mate!) Out of curiosity how many attempts did it take you? 1st for me :D
  6. UK Dealer attempts rip off

    General Alfa Discussion
    A word of warning - I've had an astonishing experience with the local dealer - who I bought my 156TS from last year. Essentially, they have tried to charge me £800 to have the brakes (discs, pads, the lot) replaced on all wheels, six weeks and 1500 miles after a 24,000 service. I took the car...