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  1. Strange scratches / Break in attempt?

    Alfa Stelvio
    What do you think has caused these scratches? 1. Just an accident like something has got wedged between the two surfaces.. 2. An attempted break in of the boot.. So recently I have been polishing this car and in and out the boot quite regularly so you kind of get to know every inch of the car...
  2. First attempt at detailing...

    Car Detailing
    After reading a few threads on the subject and doing a bit of research online etc I decided to have a go at detailing my 2001 GTV... Started by covering in snow foam and cleaned the wheels while it did it’s thing Rinsed off the snow foam and washed using 2 buckets & grit guards Clayed with a...
  3. BMW 3 G20 - BMW's attempt to dethrone Giulia in driving dynamics

    Alfa Giulia
    I hope it is allowed to discuss Giulia's competitors in this lounge. Since 3 series is the sole most important rival and by any measuring standards the most similar car to the Giulia (and Jaguar XE... shouldn't forget that one), I guess this comparison should be ok… BMW will show new 3 series...
  4. Second attempt at becoming an Alfa owner

    Introduce Yourself
    Hi, A few weeks ago I excited posted about my first Alfa purchase, a 159 3.2 Lusso Q4 Qtronic. It appeared my enthusiasm was premature, as the dealer called me a few days later to say the fault code they were chasing indicated a stretched timing chain and they couldn't sell me the car. They...
  5. Break-In Attempt detected!

    Alfa Giulia
    A couple of times my car has flashed up this message on the dash when I've started it up, but what does it actually mean? Manual not very helpfully says that either the alarm system detected something dodgy or the immobilizer decided it wasnt working, anyone know what actually triggers this?
  6. 159 Sub-frame rust DIY attempt

    Alfa 159, Brera & 946 Spider
    Hi Guys, Took the car for a service a while back at Autolusso, due to the undertray being off they easily spotted the front sub-frame had begun to rust. I've decided as part of my long list of fixes for my 159 to have a crack at sort this out myself as there is rust, but its not excessive to...
  7. First attempt - Washing & Detailing

    Car Detailing
    I usually get my car washed by a local garage. Need to cut down on budget soon. I've never washed it myself. I can borrow a pressure washer with foam spray. Paint got scruffs so need them filling. So after the wash I was told to dry it then use autobrite glaze (filler the paint) as I'm doing it...
  8. Oil change attempt failed.

    Alfa Giulietta
    I decided to have a go at changing the oil on my car today. I have done numerous oil changes on cars in the past so I assumed it would be a doddle. How wrong I was. :( The undertrays came off surprisingly easily and I was able to change the air filter but trouble soon happened when I couldn't...
  9. another attempt to drive Alfisti away from dealers

    South Africa
    So Dr Naidu sends me a quote for brakes which he received from Alfa. All he asked for was front and rear pads to be replaced. This is what he gets nailed FRont pads - 2637.96 rear pads - 1580 labour - 1966 so a total of 6183.96 now what gets me is that labour rate is aproximatly 3 hours. if...
  10. First Attempt at an Oil Change

    Alfa Giulietta
    I'm going to attempt my first oil change this weekend on an Alfa Romeo Giulietta. It's the JDTM2 2.0 version. I've found the correct part (I think) And they have a guide which makes it sound relatively simple...
  11. First attempt at full clean and polish

    Car Detailing
    What a long day that was. Seeing as its fathers day, I used it as an excuse to spend my well deserved time off to sort the car out with a good clean. After a wash, I used a compound, a polis, then a glaze and finally a wax. Only step missing was a seal after. I used all meguiars products start...
  12. Who was at the Epsom Record Convoy attempt 2010?

    General Alfa Discussion
    I was there with my 147Q2 and my son Alfa Romeo dealership helps to set new world record Were you? My son , who was four at the time remembers a man walking past us on his mobile saying " Pat, I'm in Alfa heaven." Who was this ?
  13. break in attempt

    Alfa MiTo
    I unlocked my car today parked in works secure car park and when I started the engine i got a message saying "break-in attempt" Anybody know what triggers that? Theres no way it had been tampered with at work so im not sure it was just a glitch or if it is caused by someone knocking against the car
  14. My attempt at detailing

    Car Detailing
    This is a big read, and must be read carefully. I have spent a lot of time putting this together and I am open for advice and pointers and whatever else can be done to improve. So, cleaning your pride and joy. If you are willing to spend a good few hours you can get your car looking sublime...
  15. Do I dare attempt cambelt change?

    Alfa GTV & 916 Spider
    Hi guys I have absolutely no idea when my cambelt was last changed on my 3.0 V6 so feels like better safe than sorry better get it sorted. Question is whether to attempt doing it myslef or not. I've got quite a bit of mechanical experience and know how to use a spanner its just I've read...
  16. GWR attempt - Tribute to Sergio Pininfarina

    UK National Events
    Anyone thinking of going? June 1st and 2nd. Car must be a Pininfarina design to take part in the attempt. Brokersclub Tribute Cup | Tribute Rally
  17. GWR attempt - Tribute to Sergio Pininfarina

    General Alfa Discussion
    Anyone thinking of going? June 1st and 2nd. Car must be a Pininfarina design to take part in the attempt. Tribute Rally
  18. First Attempt at Claying

    Car Detailing
    Hi Guys, Just thought I would share with you my first attempt at Claying my GT. In total it probably took me between 5-6 hours, and thats without cleaning the glas and doing the inside which I may attempt tomorrow. Products used. Washed using Autogylm bodywork Shampoo Clayed using Autogylm...
  19. First attempt at detailing

    Car Detailing
    I had a go at detailing a few weeks back and thought I'd share the pictures of how it looked afterwards. I chose to use (in order): Autoglym bodywork shampoo conditioner Autoglym clay bar Autoglym super resin polish Autoglym extra gloss protection Overall the entire job took me only 4 hours (I...
  20. an attempt..

    Motoring Images
    At photographing Etna Black. Front of this car is growing on me..... Although I am going to get some of those eyelash things either side of the grille just for a laff!!!!