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  1. Putting attachments within thread text

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    I have created a new thread with attachments, but would like to move the pictures to within the body of the text, in between paragraphs. All the attachments have appeared at the bottom of the thread, and I am unsure how to rearrange them. :cry: Can anybody help me please
  2. Attachments

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    How come the Attachments show twice :confused: I've seen this quite a lot lately :) Does the bigger thumbnail function make the attachment button redundant :confused: Is there a setting I can use...
  3. Attachments... how do you reuse...?

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    With the new system it won't let you attach an image to a reply if you have already uploaded it in a previous thread. I can't see a way of linking to existing attachments either... I tried simply renaming the pic on my PC and uploading it again, but the system wouldn't let me do that either...
  4. Attachments not showing up - FIXED

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    We have lost a few attachments :( Today we are rebuilding thumb nails, so we hope to be able to allow image uploads again shortly. Regards, AO
  5. Attachments

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    Please help us to keep AO clean... (URL SUSPENDED DUE TO A FAULT, PLEASE IGNORE THIS POST) This url will show all logged in members, exactly how many downloads and how much space their accumulated uploaded pictures and/or attachments are using on the server. If neccersary, you may remove...