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  1. South Africa
    Dude, When you going to Italia? Everything sorted? Planning and paying for my trip now. And Alfa Romeo Museum my first stop.. lol
  2. South Africa
    Does anyone have a downpipe i can use? i need to have the flange laser cut
  3. South Africa
    Saw this pic Alfa Romeo Gtv 3.0 916 Rorich Photo by niwou | Photobucket . Is the front splitter from the B7 A4?
  4. South Africa
    Hi. Your mailbox is full. Could I get your wheel spacer guy's number, please? You can whatsapp to zero seven one eight nine 8 double nine four 3 if your box is full. Also wanted to hear if your uncle wanted to sell those other items. Thanks.
  5. South Africa
    Hey Dom, Congrats on your engagement! :thumbs: All the best :inlove: for you two!
  6. South Africa
    It's year-end and many motoring events are being held in Durbs. 1) Tomorrow, Sun, 20 Sept, the Supercar Run in aid of charity, a Guinness Book World Record event, leaves the Pavilion Hotel in North Beach at 8, leaving for the North Coast. A feast of Lambos, Ferraris etc joined by superbikes and...
  7. South Africa
    First mod Do the chip from race chip. You will be surprised Second mod. Full exhaust from TM stainless at 6500 including down pipe
  8. South Africa
    Are you aware that your service intervals have changed an you now get an oil change at 10 000km or 1 year.
  9. South Africa
    So as some of you may or may not know, a few of us are looking at getting some more power out of the V6's the guys over the sea are doing allot to these motors. the first thing is obviously exhaust. Nishen at TM stainless has now developed 2 types of pipes. mine being the more conservative with...
  10. South Africa
    Mito needs a tire replaced as it has a huge bubble on the side wall... yet no one seems to have these 215/40/18 in stock as a non run flat tire. Car currently has Pirelli Pzero Neros on. my contact is a pirelli dealer and seems to hev given me the best price from who ever ive called and ive...
  11. South Africa
    This is what the 4C sounds like in real life! I remember you complaining it didnt sound the part in the Topgear episode in which Hammond drove it:
  12. South Africa
    Milano Works is a group two like minded people started. It is not a club, it is for the Alfisti who like to modify their Alfa's. We like Alfa Romeo We don't like the elitist mentality surrounded by the marque especially in South Africa We would like more younger people to get into an Alfa and...
  13. South Africa
    I sold my 145 in Jan this year. On Sunday, at Cars in the Park, a gentleman came around offering to sell his 73 Giulia 1300 super. Ironically, the car is parked in a flat basement near where I live. I really love the Giulia and would love to restore one. I had a look at it today. After being...
  14. South Africa
    Boet, were the figures engine or wheel kw? Eddie jnr and I are going to dyno our cars soon at the same place and need a close to standard reference point.
  15. South Africa
    So I was thinking. I think you need to bring your friends mito so we can doctor it. Lokis one was done the same way and I know he has a spare dp for a tjet. It's time to show the 1750 boys what Tjets are made of
  16. South Africa
    1985 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sedan | East London | Gumtree South Africa | 111359535
  17. South Africa
    Hey Lance, heard there is a neglected GT Junior with 2L Nord around. Engine freshly sorted by TN, you just need to pick it up (and give me a few goodies off the interior). Apparently the owner is busy with a new ride:cheese:
  18. South Africa
    Where are the snippets of the night shoot of Lances cars?
  19. Rant Room
    I find it very disturbing that so many people are leaving AO based on certain individuals who persist in targeting others to the point of it being unpleasant on here. I do understand that everyone has an opinion, but calling of names and "bullying" is completely ridiculous. Instead of banning...
  20. Alfa Giulietta
    So there was a huge wait for the new facelifted GQV, much excitement. And then this week it just died down after the showcase at Geneva. I'd like to know how the current owners are feeling about the new GQV based on what you've seen and read? I know I'm going to keep my car atleast for this...
1-20 of 98 Results