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  1. Aston Martin DB9....oh yes

    General Motoring Discussion
    Some of you may recall me mentioning a good friend of mine from work who is now the general manager of Aston-Hire in N E Lincs. If you don't then you have heard now! Anyway the local Grimsby Motor Show was on this Sunday gone and Mike was there with his Brother in law boss proudly displaying the...
  2. Could Aston's success be it's downfall?

    General Motoring Discussion
    Chatting with my brother on the way home tonight we wondered if there is a danger with all the fuss surrounding Aston Martin's current range that they could end up being upmarket Chav mobiles. The new V8 is going to be 911 size and priced, the DB9 is already the number one choice for football...
  3. Ever driven a Aston Martin?

    Poll Room
    Aston Martin == Bazza mobile ;)
  4. New Aston in the desert......

    General Motoring Discussion
    Nice work if you can get it...... Testing Astons new V8 Vantage Still looks beautiful,even in its dirty and abused state. :cool:
  5. Aston Martin on Motors TV

    General Motoring Discussion
    Check out the Aston Martin programme currently repeating every few days on Motors TV (not men & motors) Really enjoyable with extensive coverage of the factory and the different manufacturing processes (one hour long):cool:
  6. Saw the Aston Martin DB9

    General Motoring Discussion
    DAMN THIS CAR LOOKS F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S!!!!!! :eek: First I thought it was a 575 Maranello.....and then it approached me like a stealth fighter and I simply went :eek: This is definitely one of the best looking super sports cars around!
  7. Baby Aston? (JET 2)???

    General Motoring Discussion
    Was just browsing bertone's website as you do and came accross this Jet2 concept for 2004! ANyone seen it before?? Looks tasty from the front, "different from the rear" "A "custom-built" vehicle in a "made-to-measure" suit by a great tailor based on a production vehicle of great prestige. This...
  8. Aston DB9

    Motoring Images
    Not quite as cool as the forthcoming baby V8,but wouldn`t say no,to one of these beauties. :cool:
  9. New 'baby' Aston Martin pics

    Motoring Images
    Sorry about the picture quality, but it looks luuurvly :cool:
  10. Guess who's got an Aston Martin...

    General Alfa Discussion
    Fan-Bloody-Tastic!!! I have been nastily tricked by Mrs. Bazza, but somehow I don't mind. :D She has booked an Aston Martin V8 Vantage (with the x-pack, about 450bph ) for the weekend. I'm driving to the church in it with the Best Man, then driving from Church to Reception with Mrs. Bazza...
  11. Baby Aston Martin

    Motoring Images
    Like mentioned in the topic Most beautiful car of the year more pics of the Aston Martin AMV8 would be reveiled at January 6 Selespeed