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  1. 4C, Aston, Maserati and Ferrari

    General Alfa Discussion
    Will this greenish, supercarish vehicle inspire other marquees to adjust to the modern times, you think? Does a Maserati GT HAVE to weigh 2 tonnes?
  2. Smashed Aston DBS

    General Motoring Discussion
    So, im down at the Jaguar Academy for a weeks training. There used to be 4 Aston Martin apprentices in our group but for the last 4 of our training they go to the Aston Training centre in Gaydon. Anyway were halfway through one of the days on our course when i recieve a text from one the the...
  3. Aston

    Motoring Images
    Recently had a go in my mates DB7. fantastic car, very very quick (frightening!!) The happy passenger is my son :)
  4. lamborghini gallardo V Aston Martin VantagevFerrari 360

    General Motoring Discussion
    The girlfriend has really come up Trumps this christmas:) so I have a choice of driving one of the above around Silverstone .Whilst i think they may all differ slightly from the peugeot I wondered if anyone had done one of these experience days and could offer their wisdom?:)
  5. Aston Martin Cygnet

    General Motoring Discussion
    If you thought an Aston pulled together from the ford parts bin was bad... Aston Martin - The Company - News
  6. Nice Aston spotted today

    Motoring Images
    Saw this very cool Aston this morning :cool:
  7. £1mil Aston Sell Out

    General Motoring Discussion
    What credit crunch :confused: :confused: :confused: Autocar
  8. Aston Martin Rapide

    General Motoring Discussion
    Aston Martin Rapide
  9. Aston Martin move production abroad?

    General Motoring Discussion
    BBC NEWS | Aston Martin mulls overseas plant
  10. Aston Martin DBS

    General Motoring Discussion
    First official photo's of production car; 510bhp :cool: :cool: :cool: Car Magazine
  11. Aston Martin

    International Motor Sport
    I know that this is an alfa forum but its a shame that aston martin dont complethe in the wrc with this car,,10111~1067902,00.html
  12. Looks like Prodrive will bag Aston today

    General Motoring Discussion
    Yay, good move IMHO :D
  13. Aston Martin Vanquish S - Simply Beauty on Wheels

    General Motoring Discussion
    Saw this in todays pistonheads email, it's achingly beautiful. I'd give my right bollock for one (judging on life insurance claims i'd actually have to give both)
  14. Aston to return to F1?

    International Motor Sport
    Someone posted me this, I'm not sure where its from originally: "Could Aston Martin be aiming to compete in F1 racing for the first time since 1961? That's one conclusion to be drawn from the boss of racing engineering specialist Prodrive Dave Richards' tight-lipped stance about the banner...
  15. Bond's Aston

    General Motoring Discussion
    Did anybody see that programme 'James Bond for Real' - the Aston would't roll even when driven up an 18" ramp so they had to fire a cannon out through the floor to flip it. How good is that car!!!
  16. Ford to Sell Aston not Jaguar

    General Motoring Discussion
    Found this on the 4 Car website
  17. Aston Martin DB9

    General Motoring Discussion
    Hmm, there's a 55 reg Aston Martin DB9 parked in the carpark by my office :inlove:
  18. Shock New Aston Martin

    Motoring Images
    Shock new Aston Martin… looks just like all the others! :eek: Aston Martin has thrown the design rulebook right out of the window with the DBS to be featured in the upcoming Bond film, Casino Royale. With its revolutionary styling, totally unlike any previous Aston, let's hope that 007 can...
  19. Aston designer goes solo

    General Motoring Discussion
    From Solo careers are risky. Just ask David Lee Roth. When Henrik Fisker, the former design director at Ford Motor's Aston Martin subsidiary started his own car company, Fisker Coachbuild, in January, we wondered why the Danish-born prodigy appeared to be throwing away such a...