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  1. Driver Assistance Pack Plus for Milano

    Alfa Stelvio
    Hi all is this just a software update for the Milano? How easy to get this updated? his pack contains: Rear View Camera with dynamic Grid lines - Got already Electrochromic Rearview Mirror - Got already Front & Rear parking sensors - Got already Electrochromic wing mirrors - don't need...
  2. Roadside Assistance

    Alfa Giulia
    Hi folks, My RAC cover expires in June, but I’m wondering if I should renew it as I have the free 3 years Alfa Roadside Assistance. Problem is, I can’t find any detailed information about the Alfa cover anywhere so cannot make a direct comparison. Does anyone have any details or know where I...
  3. Rear Fog Light - Assistance

    Alfa Giulietta
    Hi I was wandering if someone could help me an issue withe the rear fog lights on my 60 plate 1750 Giulietta please. The rear fog don't come on but all other lights work with no issue. I want to check the relay however despite looking i cant seem to find anything in the handbook that...
  4. 353 roadside assistance

    Alfa Giulia
    So tonight I called the number for the Alfa roadside assistance which I have as part of the 353 deal. Yes I had the Check Engine light come on yesterday and whilst nothing seemed to be wrong, and from this forum I got that it was probably a combination of the low temp and the battery affecting a...
  5. Replacement exhaust assistance

    Alfa GTV & 916 Spider
    Looking to upgrade exhaust of my phase3 3.2 gtv. Notice each bank has pre cat and cat before it goes into collector and into 1 middle and end section. Most replacement sports exhaust put the collector before the cats and that means both banks go through one cat.Does this upset the back pressure...
  6. Eper Assistance

    Alfa GTV & 916 Spider
    Hi - I'm struggling to locate the thermostat housing parts breakdown on ePer for a cf3 v6 gtv - can't find it anywhere in ePer but am probably missing something obvious - can anyone point me in the right direction? Cheers
  7. GQV Moditicstion Assistance

    Alfa Giulietta
    Hi guys, Im based in Cape Town, South Africa and was just wondering if anyone could advise me with regard to who would be best to do an exhaust system for me as i'd like a more aggressive sound. I have a 2012 GQV under extended warranty. Also would it affact the warranty in any capacity. I'm...
  8. Head Unit Assistance Required

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    Hello all I have just purchased a 53plate 156 and the display on the head unit is pixalated? Am I able to replace or repair? All suggestions greatly appreciated. The car is great very comfy and I want to keep but would like the head unit fixed :) Thanks for your help dundeealfa x
  9. Non Alfa related car assistance needed

    South Africa
    Hi Guys, My wife drives a Honda Jazz 1.5 CVT. The purge valve packed up earlier this year. Since this is "never seen before problem" according to Honda (who could not find the problem), I could only get a second hand unit. Now the problem is this unit has now packed up (3 month wait for the...
  10. Assistance with heated seats please nice people??

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    :biglaugh: so I have an alfa 147 might I add it's a lovely drive but ever since I got it I click the button on the door side of the drivers and passenger seat and it does not illuminate. I wish to get this working as I have a pregnant gf warmth would be nice on the old botty, I have checked the...
  11. 1500 modification assistance

    Alfa 33, Sud & Sprint
    Hi All, I was wanting to do some mods to my sprint. Thinking of new exhaust and induction. Currently it had 36mm webers and I was thinking of some velocity stacks but it doesn't seem that these are made for 36's can anybody advise who might do some that suit?? Also being in NZ I want free...
  12. Parking Assistance fault code: C1009??

    Alfa 159, Brera & 946 Spider
    Can anyone tell me what the fault code C1009 means? It is related to "Parking Assistance Not Available" problem i have with my 2010 model 159 Sport Wagon
  13. Classic car show West Yorks needs assistance

    There's a guy on another forum Interesting Vehicles Needed!!! - Charity Car Show, July 8th, West Yorkshire who is looking for people to turn up in interesting and classic cars 8th July West Yorkshire. Anyone up for it, it's in a good cause (charity).
  14. Assistance Required

    South Africa
    Afternoon, I was on the N1 (towards cape town) driving my sons car to be serviced on Monday and I came into a bit of a heated drive with a guy in what looked like a turbo 147 (hatch shape). I assume it was modified as it showed the m its rear quite quickly. I've been on the lookout for an alfa...
  15. Gear selection trouble, assistance needed.

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    Hello everyone. I was routing around in my engine bay when cleaning it a couple of weeks ago. During this routing around a detached the gear selection plate and cables. To make a long story short. This weekend when I was about to take the car out for a spin, a couldn’t get it in reverse and I...
  16. Hi Guys, washer jet assistance please

    Alfa Giulietta
    New to the forum this evening and been looking to see if I can find the problem on my Giulietta. 61 plated and loving it, the Dynamic drive makes the car a real different beast :) Anyhow, yesterday I noticed my washer jets were not working so pulled over and the motor on the washers seems to...
  17. urgent 147 assistance needed

    South Africa
    So my buddy is browing my 147 for a nice long trip to Durbz. Cambelt service done by Gorgio a few months ago, thermostat replaced a month before that and on Saturday I replaced my water bottle for a nice, brand new clean one from Gorgio. On Tuesday my buddy called me and told me he got a warning...
  18. Look for some cosmetic assistance?

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    I am chasing a ducati corse chrome gearknob? Anyone know where I locate one? I also want to recolour my red stitching but wondered if anyone knows how I could change to black stitching to red also?
  19. assistance with gearbox leak (156 selespeed)

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    i have a 2002 156 selespeed with a gearbox oil leak a few months ago the car started dropping into neutral and flashing the red gearbox sign. i looked up reasons for that and figured it was low so i took in and had the oil and gearbox oil changed. problem solved (at the time) about 2 months...
  20. 3 years roadside assistance

    Alfa Giulietta
    Hi there, Just a quick point. I have just had a flat at the side of the road. I have a 6 month old Giulietta so rang the AA with the understanding i have 3 years roadside assistance. They said that this had since been passed over to another company (forget the name he used) and he tried...