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  1. 1.9 JTD running like arse

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    My JTD is running like a rectum. Starts fine but smokes heavily, plenty of blue/white smoke. Has no pick up either, really lumpy and blowing plumes of smoke until the turbo spools up. It's fine while on boost and goes back to lumpyness when it spools down. This is happening out of gear under no...
  2. Sorting out the arse

    The Classic Alfa Romeos
    Not mine but my S2's .... I'm slowly replacing bushes etc to get it as tight as possible but in standard format, not lowered etc - so far I've replaced the T bar trunnion "washers" with poly and the conical bushes where it is bolted to the diff - also with poly - next is the trailing arm bushes...
  3. Who has the best Arse Now ?

    Alfa MiTo
    Well I showed you all my past rear end's, has my New Mito QV got what it takes? + I changed rear light, headlight and mirrors to Chrome I did not like that dull grey Cheers All
  4. A.R.S.E (Alfa Romeo Summer Expedition)2009

    General Alfa Discussion
    Just getting ready for our awesome road trip. Clare & I, GTleigh & his clan are heading for Europe, us in the GT & them in his Brera. Leaving in the morning for Dover the overnight at Rheims in France. Following day we are stopping at the Historic GP circuit at Rheims for some pics:cool...
  5. Pain in the arse head unit and speaker

    ICE & Blue&Me
    I'm having a few problems with the sound system in the 147. First - The HU has a tendency to search for other frequencies to those stored in the presets, even when the signal strength is good. This is proving quite annoying! Second - The steering wheel controls have a habit of performing the...
  6. Pain in the arse 147 remote locking/alarm

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    Hello everyone, im just after some help diagnosing an arkward alarm/locking fault. i have two keys for my 147. And with both keys, you cant activate or deactivate the alarm without pushing the key against the drivers window and pressing the button 3 times. its bizarre. both keys have had brand...
  7. You Will Never Guess What Some Arse Of An Ice Cream Man Did!!!

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    Right I was driving happily home last night and i was behind a ice cream van. Anyway the ice cream van decided to go under a bridge which was too low for it and because i was behind it, parts of his roof came off and smashed into my car. If that wasnt bad enough, he just carried on driving...
  8. I am an Arse

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    :mad: Yes I am an arse of the highest order. I ran out of diesel in my 156 a few weeks ago. I managed to start it with more fuel and now when driving the car has terrible flat spots and the low down torque is, well , not there basically. Have I done some real damage here or can it all be sorted...
  9. 147 tall arse

    General Alfa Discussion
    Driving home the other night behind a 147 & it looked very high at the rear, I could see the suspension underneath & the exhaust box was massive and looked like it belonged in a daewoo. aghhhhhhhhhhh...............
  10. bitten in the arse

    Introduce Yourself
    hello everyone just brought a alfa 147 2.0 ts in red (2001), full leather,bose,pep alloys,drives like a car twice its price,i love it.:D aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh.:wow: After 2 weeks driving it has now got a crunching noise when changing from 2nd to 3rd.:confused: local garage auto italia says...
  11. Some arse broke my wing mirror help please !

    Alfa 145 & 146
    Some arse in a big beemer just drove way to close to me and managed to smash my wing mirror (and he didnt stop), the casing is ok but the mirror is smashed up bad and has come loose, is this an easy fix and does anyone know if its an alfa part or will i get lucky at halfords ? Thanks in advance
  12. ****.. arse...

    General Alfa Discussion
    unfortunatley no girls... but definately a **** and arse :cry: Just managed to prang my GTV in a car park. Saw a space. Stopped and reveresed back a bit to allow for the GTV's ludicrous turning circle when crunch! Reversed into a Fiesta. I suspect he may have been a bit close/travelling at...
  13. Brera Best Arse in the world !!!

    Motoring Images
    what an arse, I bet this makes it to the super cool wall on Top Gear
  14. New Forum Wipes Arse

    Announcements & Comments
    Wheres the Andrex puppy when you need him?
  15. the luck of the irish MY ARSE

    Alfa 145 & 146
    I was going to post a few pics up of my bella (noone has told me yet where that name comes from) but after collecting her from my alfa garage last week after spending loadsa €'s on the timing belts,tensioners,yada yada yada I brought her home to give her a good wash/polish.When I cleaned her...
  16. New Clutch...My Arse

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    So not had the car a week yet and already it's off the road :-( Had a new clutch pre delivery, so slightly surprised to find the slave cylinder blow whilst changing down at some traffic lights. Pedal went soft and stayed there, with a nice trail of fluid as I pushed her off the road. Spent 2...
  17. just killed a new alloy.. arse...

    Alfa GTV & 916 Spider
    got some new alloys from 'the shop' a month + ago. already had one punctuce.. hit a big pothole last night and bent the alloy out of shape.. phoned the council to claim and complain and they alrady know about the hole for over one month.. bastards...