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  1. South Africa
    This is short notice - I am not the organizer, just the messenger ARCSA is hosting a Dyna day this Sunday 16 July 11:00 onward at Insane Racing (a.k.a FR&R) in Centurion (yes Dyna is more correct than Dyno as the cars go on a Dynamo-meter :cheese: )
  2. South Africa
    ARCSA is hosting their Dyno Day on 28 May 2017 from 10:00 till the afternoon (Last registration 14:00) at FR&R Centurion Their new location : Event Flyer :
  3. South Africa
    Please support the ARCSA Concorso d' Eleganza at Chatz Hyde park on 11 September 348 Jan Smuts Ave Craighall JHB
  4. South Africa
    Hi guys, ARCSA will be having the annual go-cart challenge in Vereeniging on Sunday 29th May and we would like to invite a AO members team to join us. A Team consists of minimum 6 drives including 1 female driver. Would you guys be interested? Here the ARCSA notice regarding the event Mike...
  5. South Africa
    Hello all Since I am on the ARCSA comittee again, I have been asked to extend this invite to the AO SA forum Quote: It is that time of the year when you can show everybody what you have got lurking under your bonnet, with all that, “Thrust & Grunt.” Now traditionally this event has attracted...
  6. South Africa
    Just in case it isn't already known by all SA Alfa owners, there is a new ARCSA website up and running at alfaromeoclubsa The old website, HOME is no longer being maintained and everyone should now be going to the new website for news, etc.
  7. South Africa
    Hi Guys, ARCSA is hosting a Dyno day at FR&R on Sunday 3 May from 10:00 onwards R150 non-members, R100 for members It is our annual Dyna day at “FR & R Tuning” in Centurion on Sunday 03 May 2015 from 10h00 to 14h00. Now because this event has traditionally attracted all the “Turbo & V6”...
  8. South Africa
    Its a new year and hopefully a new way of doing things. I have a proposal to ARCSA affiliates on here. Should we as South African Alfisti not come together, non-petition-style, and start tabling our views, concerns and reccomendations to dealership networks and FASA? I think as Alfisti in SA...
  9. South Africa
    :( Hello Fellow Alfisti I have heard this morning that Harry Horsfall , the long time Secretary, Treasurer, and backbone of the ARCSA committee passed away this morning. At risk of sounding like a hypocrite (Me and harry had our differences in the past where the future of the club was...
  10. South Africa
    ARCSA Concours 8 Sept 2013 at Arnold Chatz Cars
  11. South Africa
    So who's attending and who's going to be looking? I thought this event already happened, just 2 weeks ago I told my wife I'd like to enter next year as I have many plans...but now I have to cram them all into 2 weeks!:cheese: I've read the score sheet now, where does my car fit into? Modern or...
  12. South Africa
    Hi there peeps, So the one cool outing for year has come-and-gone now for the next cool thing - DYNO DAY! As the title suggests it will be Saturday 16 March from 9:00 at FR&R in Centurion - so it is nicely central and easily accessible just off John Vorster off-ramp, turn right and then left...
  13. South Africa
    So, who's entering? Is there a Giulietta class? Who's the judges - I want to know what they are anal about? I really want to enter my car but as with everyone, I know there's a couple of issues with my baby... Rims scratched. Swirl marks are still a little visible. Alignment of front bumper...
  14. South Africa
    Hi All Well its a new year and time for some change. So the committee decided that a new "Fresher" look was needed for the image of ARCSA. So log in at 7PM tonight to view the new, updated ARCSA website.
  15. South Africa
    Hi All Well its a new year and time for some change. So the committee decided that a new "Fresher" look was needed for the image of ARCSA. So log in at 7PM tonight to view the new, updated ARCSA website.
  16. South Africa
    Here we GO!!!!! The 1st proper Alfa performance day for 2012: Dyno day @ Dutch Auto Saturday 3 March from 7:00 till about sunset Jean (the nice guy he is) said he cannot run a dyno day on a Sunday, but he is willing to run a long day for those who really need to do stuff in the morning AND for...
  17. South Africa
    Hi All, Who is members of ARCSA? I'm planning on going to the Noggin at the end of the month, who is going to be there? I believe the clubhouse have moved, never been to the new clubhouse.
  18. South Africa
    Feeler for ARCSA performance event. Ok guys , so I have been thinking of a fun event, but its gonna be expensive, so before I commence I need a feeler if u guys would be interested: Me and the chairman of the fiat club were chatting on the weekend away and we feel some rivalry will spice things...
  19. South Africa
    so we had a weekend away to nelspruit this weekend, had a great time, did 1100kms for the weekend. Did the touristy thing with panning for gold and going on a goldmine tour in Barberton. Went to an AWESOME car collection on a farm , saw cars which belong in museums, The owner is a ford collector...
1-20 of 53 Results