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  1. Meets & Events Images
    Here are a few pictures from the weekend
  2. Meets & Events Images
    for a bit of breakfast and a look around.....
  3. Meets & Events Images
    Another of the classic JAPONW meets, ALFAs, Jags and, in Symes-style, Pork.
  4. Meets & Events Images
    Excellent turnout with faces (both automotive and human) new and old in glorious Lancashire sunshine. Lots of Alfas, a Lancia, a BMW and a coincidental cameo from a nice chap in a mentalist kit car affair.
  5. Meets & Events Images
    Off to see the final flight of the AVRO Vulcan XH558 at its birthplace Woodford.
  6. Meets & Events Images
    aka Odin's Big Day Out.
  7. Meets & Events Images
    Good turn out for the all new venue for 2015 summer meets. See events for details.:grin: Boatyard Inn, Nr Preston, just off junction 3 M65 follow sign for walton le dale.
  8. Meets & Events Images
    Hi all Good to see so many cars out today :thumbs:. Beautiful day too. Here's a selection of my piccies: A gus-powered diesel :) Line 'em up ;) Rob's 8c red QV 2 of the 4 GTs we had Glorious GTV: With webs! More to follow!
  9. Meets & Events Images
    here are some pictures I took todays, nice to see some familiar faces from my last Rivington meet (sep 2013) a nice turn out of some great looking cars, unfortunately on the way home, I past mark (silver spider in the pics) who had a little bump, hope everything is ok other than night a good...
  10. Meets & Events Images
    First up, the early arrival, A much different scene was on view at leaving time the lack of snow seemed to have made The Barn very popular today.
  11. Yorkshire
    In case any of you have missed this: AONW brekkie at Rivington is always a fun meet. Next episode on Sunday 1st Feb. The AONE mob are also considering a run down to pillage the bacon and sossies...
  12. Meets & Events Images
    As threatened photographs, Al's QeeQuay, In the Backsides in the Trough, Front sides not much better,
  13. North West
    Sunday 4th January 2015, Weather permitting that is.... Ladies and Gents, its been a while since we had a bit of a trek out so new year, new events :D Route is in the planning and open to suggestions but the main idea of the day, weather permitting, is to meet up for some breakfast around...
  14. North West
    Lets all get merry for Christmas :) Its about time i organised something that isn't a breakfast meet so lets head to an old favourite haunt, Dukes 92 for a relaxed night out. 18 Castle St Manchester M3 4LZ Tuesday 9th December approx 8.00pm Fairly sure we'll be able...
  15. Meets & Events Images
    Bashall Barn, good food, good company, a few pics from me.
  16. Meets & Events Images
    Can't remember the date and forgot I took these. Saabs first obviously. Alfas Not 100% sure what is going on here And finally, the lad who brought his mint 145 along also brought a stack a 60s and 70s car mags. We had great fun looking at the classifieds (a DB5 could be yours...
  17. Meets & Events Images
    I've a few snaps taken with my phone.
  18. Meets & Events Images
    Change of venue this month for the regular AONW outing. A visit to Bashall Barn near Bashall Eaves (but not near enough to paper over the cracks in my navigating) gave us the opportunity to take in some very pleasant scenery in the Trough of Bowland.
  19. North West
    Morning chaps, "Parking assist unavailable" reared its head at the weekend. I tried the listen/touch test and all four sensors felt dead. Removed the bumper in hope for nothing more than a clean and fiddle with the connections Sunday afternoon. All look visually OK, no obvious breaks, so put...
  20. Meets & Events Images
    Here are a few pics taken with my phone. One of the Swedish contingent escaped before I got my phone out though.
1-20 of 146 Results