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  1. North East
    Now then looks like I’m back in the alfa fold ? Who are the NE specialists these days? Are BMC still going?
  2. Meets & Events Images
    A couple of pictures from the AONE meet/run out today, from Bishop Auckland down the Pennines to the Cheese factory in Hawes. Thanks to everyone for turning up and making it a great day out, and hopefully some more professional pictures will turn up from people with proper cameras.
  3. Meets & Events Images
    Good run out today with 9 cars heading South down the Pennines from the A68 cafe, where a good bit of breakfast was had by all, to Richmond for coffee and cake:thumbup:. Thanks to all for showing up and making it a great run out.
  4. Yorkshire
    Just thought I would post up a linky for any of you who might fancy a run out in a couple of weeks time, we are ending the run in Yorkshire (we will have passports ready) so if anyone wants to tag along your more than welcome...
  5. North East
    Idea is to meet at the A68 cafe for breakie, say around 9.30/10am, Sunday 11 October, grab a bit of meat based refreshment then go for a run across the tops once everyone is done. If anyone just wanted to rock up for a bacon sarnie then head off fair do's, but if a few are up for a run out...
  6. North East
    Ok so been going to get this up for a while, so here goes, have just posted to gauge interest, and also to try and get the best date for as many as possible. Idea is to meet at the A68 cafe for breakie, say around 9.30/10am, I thought Sunday 11 October seemed enough to give people time to see...
  7. North East
    For anybody who stumbles upon this, the monthly meet still continues, 1st Thursday of every month at the Dunelm Ridge just behind the Arniston centre at Durham. Anybody who fancies a dodge out feel free to pop by and say hello. Parking at the Dunelm Ridge ( DH1 5GB for anyone who needs it)was...
  8. Meets & Events Images
    Here we go: Southern group meeting up on the A68:
  9. Yorkshire
    In case any of you have missed this: AONW brekkie at Rivington is always a fun meet. Next episode on Sunday 1st Feb. The AONE mob are also considering a run down to pillage the bacon and sossies...
  10. North East
    I had a cracking barrel fillet steak in a restaurant in Harrogate on Saturday night. :smug:
  11. North East
    Just wondering what we are doing regarding meets, runs out and get togethers this year?.
  12. North East
    Let's celebrate the festive season in style by all meeting up at our* favourite pub, Number Twenty Two (Coniscliffe Road, Darlo) for a couple of glasses of mulled wine then pop next door to our** favourite Indian restaurant, Reema, for a Turkey Vindaloo! *My. **Dave's.
  13. North East
    Who's up for a curry? When? Wednesday 15th May. Where? Darlo Time? 22s for beer at 7.30pm. Reema for curry at about 8.30/9pm.
  14. North East
    Chums, You're invited to join me at the Church Mouse from 7:30pm on Weds 10th April for a few hours of chat, shandy & crisps. :) The Church Mouse - Chester Moor, Chester-le-Street, DH2 3RJ. Hope you can make it. ;) Steve
  15. Meets & Events Images
    Terrific showing on a cold, blustery day - write up to follow. A few pics now though. Thanks everyone - 2013 is off and running. :thumbs::thumbs::thumbs:
  16. North East
    Meet & greet South Shields. Pics and craic, then down the coast to Redcar (poss Saltburn). The route will be refined, no doubt....but the purpose is fish and chips, chat, drive and a laugh. Hope many can come. :thumbs: Steve
1-17 of 94 Results