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  1. Any AO-ers running an electric car at the moment?

    General Motoring Discussion
    With the Yeti coming to the end of its PCP in 9 months time, it is time to start thinking about what to change it to (is there a better past time than car searching?) The daily "commute/school run" is about to get much longer as the oldest heads off to senior school, so I will have two schools...
  2. a wheel thread for two AOers

    Alfa GTV & 916 Spider
    hi all, i have a set of 4 16" pepperpots from a GTV. i want to sell and another AOer wants to buy them. i don't want to make masses of cash, and i want him to get a good deal too as he is a great bloke. but neither of us know what they are worth :confused: can anyone offer any reasonable...
  3. AOers in a unreasonably priced car

    General Motoring Discussion
    Okay, you have a budget of exactly £/€ 53,763 to buy any current model, brand new car. List price, no deals. What would you buy? What....Would....You....BUY?!
  4. AOers in a Reasonably Priced Car

    General Motoring Discussion
    Okay, you have a budget of exactly £/€10,600 to buy any current model, brand new car. List price, no deals. What would you buy? What....Would....You....BUY?! I'll take a Mazda 2 1.3 3-door please. Next.
  5. Any NW AOers fancy travelling....

    North West this?
  6. AO'ers diagnosed with Swine Flu

    Poll Room
    i wondered if we could monitor our collective wellbeing by indicating when we have caught the lurgey
  7. Hello AOers!

    Introduce Yourself
    Hi gang! :) I have a 156 GTA and I love it :thumbs: :D
  8. Bath AOers beware

    South West
    Last night my 156 had its front and rear badges stolen so just watch out and i hope it doesnt happen to anyone else:mad:
  9. Any AOers near Carlisle?

    North West
    Hey guys :wave: Just wondering - are there any of you in or around Carlisle? :confused: I'm just over the border and wondered if there was any chance of getting a borders area meet sometime? :D
  10. AO'ers who have ordered MY08 Brera/Spiders

    Alfa 159, Brera & 946 Spider
    Hi Guys, I know how you feel waiting for you Brera/Spider, just thought i'd poll to see what other dealers are quoting for delivery. So if you could post the following i'd be interested. Date you ordered yours from the dealer Date you expect to receive it or Date you received it if you...
  11. Are AO'ers Natural Moaners?

    Poll Room
    There is a constant stream of moaning on this forum about the new cars, about how badly selling, unreliable, badly built or just "non-Alfa" they are, despite loads of evidence to the contrary. Are we just whingers, constantly harking back to the good old days of rust, electrical gremlins, failed...
  12. Any Bristol AO'ers Off to GW Meet in Gloucs Tomorrow?

    South West
    If anyone fancies conyoying it up there from the Bristol area, I would be happy to meet somewhere along the way?
  13. See some E Anglian AOers

    General Alfa Discussion
    A few of us met up today in Cambridge as one of our first regular East Anglian meets. We discussed ideas for future meets and decided on some of the things we would like to do. One of them is an "open day" at our local Indy - Avanti Autos - in Ipswich - have a look at the "Events" forum under E...
  14. Sunday lunchtime get-together for SW AOers

    South West
    After the success of this month's first SW AO meeting, I thought we should make the most of the summer and meet up for a Sunday lunchtime get together. As the region is so large, I have decided to try another pub this time, nearer to Bristol and Bath, but still within easy travelling for the...
  15. How many AOers have you met

    Poll Room
    With the new regional evens forum I thought I'd ask how many fellow AOers have you met face to face :D So how many and any funny stories. :D After I met Ros and Orange Ros sent me a pager :eek: the first one I'd had nearly **** meself asking who was the guy in the boro shirt I replied don't...
  16. Ebay etiquette for AO'ers

    Alfa 164 & 166
    As there are a limited no. of ebay parts for 166s, I am sure we sometimes bid against each other. How about owning up to your ebay name, and agreeing not to bid against each other (unless arranged via PMs). This may help us get stuff cheaper :eek: I am v6_howard boring I...
  17. AO-ers; let's build an Alfa together!

    General Alfa Discussion
    At NAD yesterday, Pete and I were looking at all the spare parts and bits and pieces on display. We then wondered whether it would be possible to build an entire car from the parts present. Clearly, this was a dumb idea, so naturally we developed it further. What if every time an AO-er goes to...
  18. AO-ers off to Essen

    International Events
    Right chappies (and chappettes wink ) A bunch of us are off to visit the Motorshow in Essen Germany (biggest annual tuning and motorshow in Europe) So far, our little group consists of: Gijsman Dengkao Bart147 Hoegie Eve and me Behave while we're gone and expect a full report and pics soon...
  19. AO'ers official verdict

    General Alfa Discussion
    Do you like the Alfa GT? :confused: :)
  20. Bad news for AO'ers this month

    General Alfa Discussion
    FROM THE US BASED SERVER COMPANY Hello, this is just a friendly reminder that you have utilized over 75% of your allowed bandwidth.If you have sent payment, please disreguard this notice. ----------------- Server: sw1_raq6_sc_ca_us_ocdc01_ocservers_net_8 Interface: FastEthernet0/7 Machine Name...