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  1. International Events
    Hi Guys Just to confirm........... It will be a 9.00am start for 12 cars (may be more depending on time), finishing about 12.30. Price is £15+vat All the following have confirmed: 1-Me (water pump allowing!!!) 2-Collywobble 3-Fletch 4-Fade2grey 5-Deano 6-Shug 7-Philip Glover 8-Marlon 9-bw...
  2. International Events
    Called Kershaw's today and here's the deal..... They try and do rolling road sessions in the morning, so I have PROVISIONALLY booked the 1st of March at their place in York. Each session will be about 15-20 mins where they tie up your car, abuse it for a few minutes and give you a bit of paper...
1-2 of 2 Results