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  1. Ferrari and Alonso are cheats

    Republic of Ireland
    Anyone got any input.
  2. Fernando Alonso, WTF

    International Motor Sport
    Lewis was asking for it:mad: I sincerely hope this isn't for real:tut:
  3. Alonso more popular than Hamilton in Spain (surprise)

    International Motor Sport
    I suspect the results are somewhat reversed in the UK.... ==================== Hamilton unpopular in Spain Wed 05 Dec, 08:29 AM British 2007 runner-up Lewis Hamilton has spent much of the post-season period so far collecting prizes and plaudits following his rookie Formula One campaign. But...
  4. Beckham to replace Alonso at McLaren!

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    And this is his car :lol:
  5. Alonso and Mclaren divorced...

    International Motor Sport
    Not surprising really
  6. Will Mclaren prevent Alonso from winning?

    International Motor Sport
    After reading the reported rift between Dennis and Alonso and the report from Hamilton that the team are right behind him after recent problems in the court.... Although there is a strict no favouritism policy at Mclaren - I have a feeling that Alonso's engine will be race managed remotely...
  7. Alonso

    Poll Room
    Having witnessed Alonso's "tactics" at Hungary, what does that make the little Spanish 5hit?
  8. alonso's latest trick???

    International Motor Sport
    what a w****r, sorry but he held hamilton up for no reason! Did any one else see it?
  9. Poor old Alonso

    International Motor Sport
    is this a case of can't get his own way? He must be feeling the pressure to start having a pop this early in the season. Feels hard done by obviously in that he appears to have a rookie team mate that is turning in better performances than him. Is this a case of jealousy or do you think he has...
  10. Hamilton told not to pas Alonso

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    It apears so. What could happen if proven. The sport is going to the dogs.:mad: :rant:
  11. Alonso off to McClaren in 2007

    International Motor Sport
    Hi. This has been anounced today :eek: So what are the bets that the Ice Man will be wearing Red in 2007?? I have to admit to being a little surprised. The last Beneto driver to jump ship following a (2) world championships was Schumi but he went to Ferrari. Whatever next :confused: