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  1. Recommend Alfa-Tech in Huddersfield

    Alfa 159, Brera & 946 Spider
    Just thought I would share that I have taken my 2.4 Diesel Brera (200 BHP) to Alfatech in Huddersfield and cannot thank Danny and the team enough for the spot on service and straight advice they give. Bought my first ever Alfa in the middle of April, a 2007 Brera with 85,867 miles, use it as my...
  2. Alfatech appreciation

    North East
    A big thanks to Alfatech (Rob & Marcel) who have got my wife's 147 through it's annual check. On a run back from Morpeth my wife said "it's so much better now' - which I thought was good news even if it was our private take off and landing field which we were exuberantly traveling down at lift...
  3. Alfatech - Huddersfield

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    I just want to give the guys at Alfatech a up. Thanks for the sound advice. My Bella needs a bit of work (£1100) so she'll be going into storage until I've got the money to get the work done. All I can say is, after all the very positive remarks about the car, that I will gladly pay the...
  4. Alfatech Huddersfield

    Alfa 145 & 146
    I know it's been covered hundreds of times already but just had a really positive experience with Alfatech in Huddersfield, my clutch slave cylinder packed in yesterday so this morning had my car recovered over to them at short notice and was quoted 2 hours for the part to arrive and for it to...
  5. Alfatech Huddersfield - Any thoughts..??

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    Hi all. My 2001 147 is due a cam belt change/w.pump and variator and a couple of other bits (sticky 4th gear and n/s/f wheel bearing) soon. Alfatech are my nearest Alfa specialist and I wonder if anyone has any good or bad feedback about them, their work, prices etc.. My local indie gave me a...
  6. AlfaTech - Whitley Bay

    North East
    Morning all. Scuse my meanderings but after 3 days of nightshift I'm a bit off kilter. Anyway, anyone used the above mentioned company? Obviously I am scouting around having just re-entered the Alfa fold (sweet) and I know Lyles are spot on, Benfield are getting their act together by the...
  7. Alfatech Leeds still in business??

    General Alfa Discussion
    I had work done on my 166 by a guy in Garforth going by the name Alfatech. He worked from home but was Alfa trained. He did a great job but now I am unable to get through on the phone. Anyone know if he is still trading and if is what is his number?
  8. Alfatech Northampton - problems, ripped off. Can anyone help?

    General Alfa Discussion
    Hi, I am currently experiencing problems with this garage and the fact that work has been done on my car which was paid for, but what directly contravenes the Supply of Goods & Services Act 1982. My car is unroadworthy, work was done unrelated to what the independent diagnostics check has...
  9. rob emberton alfatech uk in luton????

    The Classic Alfa Romeos
    does anybody no if rob emberton is still about he use to have a place in luton alfatech uk great bloke and knew loads about giuliettas?? i took several alfettas to him in the early 90's
  10. 159 - Alfatech OBD Tuning-Program

    Alfa 159, Brera & 946 Spider
    Any one here that has any experience with alfatech and OBD tuning-program? I am getting supersprint exhaust for my 159 3.2 there, and wonder if I shall tune the car at the same time. To get closer to the 260 it should have, and also to get a better gas mileage. If not alfatech, any one that...
  11. Alfatech

    Introduce Yourself
    Dear All, I have joined the forum to support Alfatech after reading the posting by Mark Woodley and his alleged bad experience!! I have known Rob Emberton M.D. of Alfatech for some years now and will go on record by saying that having a very similar background ie racing Alfa Romeos and...
  12. Alfatech, Huddersfield

    Alfa 164 & 166
    I have used them before on the 145 and they were good. Has anyone else used them for a 166? They did my cambelt etc but said that they hardly ever see 166s and I'm a bit worried about some of the work that they've done...
  13. Rate my specialist - AlfaTech vs Peak Alfa vs anyone else

    Alfa 164 & 166
    Anyone got much experience of the above? It seems to me that AlfaTech (hudds) have gone downhill a bit over the past couple of years: they were pretty good when I had the 145, but I've been disppaointed with their work on the 166. PeakAlfa - first visit to say hello on Friday eve. problems...
  14. Beware Of Alfatech

    General Alfa Discussion
    :tut: FOLK'S please beware of Alfatech of Northampton orginally alfatech racing of luton,do not take your car to this place he is a con he nows SH*T about the cars,you will never get your money back,you car comes back damaged and worse state than it went in, its ok for him to leave bolts loose...
  15. Ye olde sticking clutch pedal (and Alfatech contact details) please!

    Alfa GTV & 916 Spider
    Yes, I am afflicted with the good 'ol sticking clutch pedal. Forum search has revealed its likely to be a duff slave cylinder (pedal depresses easily but occaisonally gets stuck about 1/4 way back up). Its only an occaisonal problem at the moment, did it once today and once last week but I...
  16. Burglary at Alfatech in Luton

    General Alfa Discussion
    Rob Emberton, proprietor of Alfatech in Luton, informs me his workshop was burgled last week and the company almost totally cleared out. All his tool chests, diagnostic equipment, a large quantity of Alfa Romeo spares and special tools have been stolen. Only his two ramps were left in the...
  17. alfatech

    General Alfa Discussion
    anybody know how to get hold of alfatech they have a breakers on merseyside , and id love to know where but cant find find them.any help appreciated.