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  1. Hello AlfaOwners!

    Introduce Yourself
    Hello All, I have just bought the late 2007 1.9 JTDm pictured after far too long out of Alfa ownership (last was the 156 attached, which was about 7 years ago) - notice the theme?! Absolutely loving it. So nice to have a car that you're compelled to look back at whenever you park it, but having...
  2. Fiat dualogic help from alfaowners !

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    Hi there, Im Dieter and im from belgium (so excuse me for my english typing ). I sure hope i will not get kickt out because its for my wife's fiat 500 and not an alfa .. i've been reading a good deal on this forum and looking for solutions for my dualogic (selespeed) problem. For a few months...
  3. Friends, Alfaowners, lend me your hands

    North West
    Anyone in the area with a hands on mindset fancy helping me with an engine swap on a slightly poorly 145? :) I have a week off starting on Sunday and i would like to be productive :D
  4. Hi alfaowners.

    Introduce Yourself
    My name is Davor and I'm from Kutina, Croatia. Kutina is small town 80 km east from our capitol - Zagreb. I drive Alfa Romeo for more than 10 years, although I've always liked. Before I repeatedly wanted to buy Alfa Romeo, but the stars were not on my side (or maybe they are):lol: I hope I can...
  5. AlfaOwners INSURANCE now quoting M, L, OL and SK1-12

    Insurance Section
    If you live in any of the above postcodes you'll know that it used to be impossible for us to quote under the club insurance scheme. The good news is that insurers have agreed to open up these postcodes to us. Some of the very risky areas are still not available to us (in reality there aren't...
  6. Hello Alfaowners

    Introduce Yourself
    Hi folks, I have just become the owner of a 1997 GTV 2.0 tspark lusso. It has not been treated well and while it does look sad it drives quite well and must have been fairly reliable as it has 142k miles on the clock. I don't know if it was a wise choice to buy the car yet as I have no garage to...
  7. Hello Alfaowners - AR 156 1,9 JTD - '02 & 156 1,8 TS - '98

    Introduce Yourself
    First of I'm impressed with all the information on this website! So I'm a guy from Norway, and I bought my second Alfa Romeo this weekend. It's as in the title; Alfa Romeo 156 - 1,9 JTD SW '02 I also own a 156 1,8 TS, but it's in bad shape after a friend of mine manange to take it offroad...
  8. Merry Christmas to all from the Yorkshire AlfaOwners

    :D Hope you all have a cracking Christmas and New Year. From all us Yorkshire Alfisti :santa: Sean
  9. Thanks Alfaowners ! Most searches worked

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    Ive had my 147 JTD for a couple of weeks now and had found some extra features (faults!) ;) But a quick search of the forum found the answers :thumbs: I now have working cruise control after removing and resetting the clutch pedal switch and my rear door opens from the inside now Ive reseated...
  10. Sticky Clutch Pedal - Thank you Alfaowners

    Alfa 159, Brera & 946 Spider
    Coming off the motorway after returning from a "trackday tuition" at MIRA last Sunday, pressed the clutch to drop it into a lower gear and whoa! clutch pedal seemed to stick down. Anyway it got better but still felt like it was slow to release even after frantic pumping (the pedal:rolleyes:) the...
  11. Staffordshire Alfaowners

    General Alfa Discussion
    Just thought it may be interesting to see how many alfaowners are in the stoke on trent / stafford area as i drive in this area alot and dont see many where are you all.........:rolleyes:
  12. Alfaowners in Switzerland

    General Alfa Discussion
    I moved to Switzerland last year and am thinking about rejoining the Alfa fold after I had to sell my GT V6 before the move :( I was just wondering if there were any other expats on the forum who had experience with Alfa dealers and especially those in the Vaud area. I'm thinking of going for...
  13. alfaowners car

    Introduce Yourself
    hello everyone just bought a gt to replace my 156 sportwagon and it belonged to a member on here i assume as its gotta sticker in the back window i bought it from blackburn..........metalic grey, 1.9 was part ex for a 159 sportwagon i think anyway its found a good home :-) Gary
  14. Alfaowners next top model...

    Announcements & Comments
    If you would like to star as AO's next top model having your face travel the world, then please let me know by sending me an email. Basically we are looking for someone to wear our club merchandise so we can display it for sale on the AO shop and site as well as appearing on posters or stickers...
  15. Hello all alfaowners

    Introduce Yourself
    14.03.2011 - 8x18" Toora T676 + NEW 215/40/18 Pirelli P Zero tyres. 04.2010 Just would like to say hello to all alfaowners. My name is Dan and I`m new to this forum but can say that 6...
  16. Newbie to alfaowners

    Introduce Yourself
    Hi all just to say hello. This my first Alfa. 2004 147 3 door JTD Lusso in Black. I really enjoy driving this car and its very economical. I'm in the north east of England and I'm looking forward to finding my way around the club.:thumbs::p
  17. Hello to all Alfaowners

    Introduce Yourself
    Hi All Just bought a 156 1.8 Veloce in black with red leather check out the pics. It's a 2001 with 56k on the clock. Engine has been rebuilt after the belt went and it's got a slight misfire. Picking it up tomorrow, I love a challenge ! See you Andy
  18. AlfaOwners 1st Track Day

    South West
    Come rain or shine this will be an event for those who like to push their Alfas ;) i will be attending this one, if anyone wants to start a bit of a convoy then let me know, we...
  19. Thank you alfaowners

    Alfa 33, Sud & Sprint
    For the past few months I have been using this site. I feel like I should say a big Thank You to alfaowner and all alfaowners on this site :thumbs: This site has become my "facebook" if you like. I have become addicted. I also learned lots and lots of usefull things that even helped me with...
  20. Hi Alfaowners

    Introduce Yourself
    Hi All I've inherited my wife's 1998 Alfa 145 Cloverleaf. She use to be pretty reliable but now shes started playing up! I'm hoping you knowledgable guys can help me get her back on the straight and narrow because I love her but shes getting very expensive and needy, if she keeps doing this to...