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  1. Another Alfa is added to the family!

    Introduce Yourself
    Hi everyone, Having trawled through this site many a time to try and get some quick fixes for various issues I've had with my ongoing list of Alfa's, I thought it was about time I registered and maybe even give some help and advice in return for the less technically minded amongst us :lol: My...
  2. First Modification to GT added!

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    BEFORE: AFTER: Hopefully the 19's will be the next edition :)
  3. new stuff added to my 156....

    General Alfa Discussion
    had my Koni suspension kit, Omp strut brace fitted to my car last week and its a noticable difference. Much better ride all round. Ordered an Autodelta carbon air intake pipe and air filter, and Autodelta front bumper. Cant wait to get them on :thumbs: will be uploading pics this weekend once...
  4. Costs & Opinions on Q2 Diff ? - have you added one ?

    General Alfa Discussion
    Just wondering if owners who have added the Q2 have found it worthwhile ? What are the costs to get it done ? TIA, Mike
  5. Value added at work

    Motoring Images
    Priceless :cheese:
  6. Added - Members last 5 threads

    Announcements & Comments
    We have added a members last five latest threads into their profile. I hope this may be of some use as it was originally asked for some time ago, we are gradually working our way through the list of TO DO's :)
  7. Added Spacer! Now Handling Problem!

    Alfa 145 & 146
    Hi everyone, I have a Novitech suspension kit on my 146ti and the car is really low. So i went to the garage and added the Spacer to lift it up abit. After adding spacer i feel the handling of of the car is not what it used to be! I feel the cars steering got too soft and going out of...
  8. Any new pics of 159SW yet? (official pics added)

    Motoring Images
    Any new pics of 159SW yet? I'm getting rather nervous at the lack of pics of the 159SW. Knowing how Alfa work, I wouldn't be surprised to hear they are having problems deciding on the final look or manufacturing details. Anybody seen any pics?
  9. Alfa Spider (official pics added)

    Motoring Images
    Brera Spider Came across these piccies on t'internet. :cool:
  10. I've just added about 20bhp to my car, in the most ridiculous manner possible

    Poll Room
    Can you guess what I did?
  11. New image added to header in Modern AO

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    Hope it looks good to all? :D
  12. Just added more threads to view.

    General Alfa Discussion
    We have decided to show more threads and posts on each page, this should help you find older messages easily in busier lounges, if the board becomes to slow with this load, please let us know and we will request fewer threads to be displayed on each page. Regards, AO