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  1. New stereo accessories - help!

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    Hi there. I've just fitted a new Pioneer stereo in my 08 147 and I'm trying to track down the right fascia adapter and steering wheel control unit. However, I'm finding a lot of controls for the previous 147, and most of the fascias appear to be the wrong colour. can anyone offer any advice?? TIA
  2. Dealer fitted accessories

    Alfa Giulia
    Don't think I've seen this covered elsewhere, so apologies if I missed it. I have ordered some dealer fitted goodies to go with my Veloce which has just arrived at my dealer. He isn't sure when he can get them delivered for fitting due to the upcoming shut-down. I ordered a Carbon Front grill...
  3. Mopar Accessories

    Alfa Giulia
    Anybody seen the full line up of options from Mopar? I've seen the grill (pretty sure someone on here has it) and a few other bits but the thing I'm most excited about seeing is the front lip spoiler.
  4. Giulia Accessories

    Alfa Giulia
    Has anybody seen any information on possible accessories for the Giulia? Information appears to be difficult to locate, I can only find info on Mopar, some in AR's Dutch site with prices listed in the main Dutch price list. There doesn't appear to be a great deal in these pages...
  5. Free "accessories" for 156

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    I hope I am not breaking any rules by doing this, but I have stuff from a 156 that I don't need and want to give away. I used to own a 156 (bought in 1998, one of the first in the country I think), loved the car, but got caught in the middle of a multiple pile-up on the M4 and the damage to...
  6. Black head lining and accessories

    Alfa GTV & 916 Spider
    Hi all Did the 916 GTV ever come with black head lining with matching pillar covers/grab handles/visors etc? I have the usual grey but there are oil marks and before I replace it with another, I would much rather have black if they exist. If I cover my one the grab handles etc won't much...
  7. Factory Alfa Romeo 164 Accessories Catalogue (pdf)

    Alfa 164 & 166
    I have scanned a pdf copy if anyone interested. Original Factory Alfa Romeo Accessories Catalog for the 164 can be downloaded here.
  8. Gearbest Promotion of Winter Car parts and Accessories
    Hey guys, we have made a unique promotion of car parts and accessories. What you can expect from this promotion? You can find Flash Sale, winter ornaments, car lights, car dvr, OBD and car gadgets in it. Come join us and find some gadgets to beautify your lovely car :) Promotion link: -...
  9. Sport DV Accessories
    Hello guys, you can find sport DV accessories from this thread if you want to buy some. Hope you enjoy it :) Update on 4th November Top 5 Sport DV Accessories 1.Only $3.19 Shipped 1010mAh Li - ion Battery for XiaoMi Yi Sports Camera - 3.7V - BLACK 2.Only $7.39 Shipped Original Xiaomi Yi...
  10. Some assistance---Alfa accessories

    General Alfa Discussion
    Hey all, so I've been slowly losing my vision trying to find some accessories for a 1999 Alfa Spider 916 online. Any help/suggestions would be appreciated. I'll try to describe what I'm looking for as best I can, seeing as how I don't know the proper names for these things. I need a sort of...
  11. 1998 156 - No ACC position?

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    Hey people Over the past couple months of owning this car I've been having to deal with a flat battery on a regular basis. I got around to diagnosing it today and thankfully it's an easy fix, the stereo is the culprit. However I've noticed 156's seem to lack an ACC position on the ignition...
  12. Parts & Accessories - December Sale

    Western Alfa Romeo
    Good Afternoon Ladies and Gents, Same idea as the Accessory Offer I done in September. Although this time I'm happy to do a 'Parts and Accessory' Cost + 5% offer. Excluding body panels(ask if required) and Postage costs. With Christmas coming up why don't you treat someone with an Alfa...
  13. Driving Accessories

    South Africa
    I was just wondering if I was abnormal or something. I mean, I seem to have "driving accessories" as my wife puts it, after I went to buy new gloves yesterday. She asked me if I knew all my driving accessories and I asked her what she meant, and she reminded me: Soft leather palmed driving...
  14. Accessories - End of September!!

    Western Alfa Romeo
    Hey folks, From today till the End of September I will be selling all Genuine Alfa Accessories for cost + 5%!! (excluding postage). So if there is anything you need or looking to spruce up your Alfa contact me via here or you can contact me direct on 0131 623 8415. Cheers! :thumbs: Gav...
  15. Let's see G's who has accessories..

    Alfa Giulietta
    I am curious about your accessories whether original or custom.. I guess we need to see extraordinary Giu's for having new ideas and pleasure..
  16. What Accessories do you have?

    Alfa MiTo
    Hey! So some of you will probably have already seen my post about the continuing progress with my MiTo (My MiTo (155TB) & Introduction) As a sideline I'm looking at making subtle changes all around the car such as adding accessories to either customise the car more (as authentic as possible)...
  17. Must have Accessories

    General Alfa Discussion
    Bored so surfing for something to spend my fathers day ££ on....:rolleyes: Alfa Romeo 4C professional aluminium Yo-Yo 5916739 Or this Genuine Alfa Romeo 4C sledge 5916749 You decide..:confused:
  18. Accessories?

    Alfa Giulietta
    Just being a bit anal here but what official accessories do people have in their G? In my other car there are specific pockets dedicated for accessories such as a warning triangle and first aid kit, are their specific places for such items in the G?
  19. 4C Accessories

    Western Alfa Romeo
    Good Morning Folks, I've just listed some 4C Accessories on my eBay page, please have a look to see if anything takes your fancy :inlove: Carbon Finish Pen Portable Speaker USB Stick Sunglasses Baseball Cap Carbon Fibre Keyring Model Car Golf Umbrella Mug iPad Case iPhone 5 Case...
  20. Registration

    Alfa GTV & 916 Spider
    Just thought I'd post this incase someone hadn't seen it in the classifieds... Registration for sale R69 MEO, had initially wanted more than I've asked for it but being a skint student now means I need that cash not the registration panache:cheese: It's on retention certificate for quick...