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  1. 156 mods. Coilovers, Novitec front lip. (not 56k!)

    Tuning & Upgrades
    Well I did it! I got Eibach pro street S coilovers and the Novitec front lip. Also installed a new gear knob and hand brake handle. All sourced from The car handles so much better now than standard, very responsive around corners. A perfect balence between sportiveness and ride...
  2. V6 Gearbox stripdown (56k)

    Motoring Images
    Remove innner part of n/s drive shaft. Remove oil seals Remove diff cover Remove diff. NOTE: There is a shim between the casing and the offside diff bearing. Do not loose it and remember to put it back in when you re-assemble it. I zip tied mine to the oil seal to remind me...
  3. Summer sunshine (56k)

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    Happy summer season to you all. :p A bit bored today, so thought I'd take advantage of the nice weather:
  4. Our 147, 156 and 159 pics (56K warning)

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    Our lot.
  5. Alfa Romeo 1600x1200 Desktop (56k beware)

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  6. GT after a wash (56k Beware!)

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    Hi all, A few pics of the GT after a wash and another dose of NXT. Ta, D PS Photobucket on maintenance at the moment so not generating thumbnails. Will edit post to show thumbs only when they are back in business!
  7. Summer Alfa Day 06 - 56K Beware !!!!

    Motoring Images
    Here are pretty much all the pics I took today at SAD. The bright sunshine played havoc with some of the pictures (mostly down to my pathetic photography skills:rolleyes: ) but most came out OK.
  8. New Car - SL55 (56k Warning)

    Motoring Images
    Hey guys, latest addition to the TPIACE household, a 2004 SL55 wearing 20" Brabus alloys. 368kw/500hp and 700Nm @ 2650 rpm......and who said only JTD Alfa's have low down power ;) All the motoring mags claim the SL55 is the fastes production car to 300km/h, quicker than Murcielago, 575M and...