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  1. 500X rented

    General Motoring Discussion
    Just back from a week in Italy, booked hire car through Auto-Europe (maggiore)... booked a Giulietta / Golf size. Was "upgraded" to a 500X. Nice car. I think it was the 1.6 MJ diesel, in the top "city" spec. Was very nice. Had all the mod cons, including keyless entry, built in sat nav, and...
  2. Anyone going to the Chatz 500X launch?

    South Africa
    Anyone going to this? SO and I are going because we're quite keen on a 500X for her.
  3. Inside the 500X Factory...

    General Motoring Discussion
    Here's an interesting site from FIAT, that lets you look around the factory in Melfi, where the 500X is being produced... FCA Melfi Plant Incidentally, as Chrysler did a similar one for the plant where the Chrysler 200 was made, I think there's a fairly high chance that a virtual tour of...
  4. Discount on 500X for cyclists

    General Motoring Discussion
    An extra £1500 for British Cycling members,3CD05,BU4JP7,BYI8F,1
  5. FIAT 500x

    General Motoring Discussion
    This is the real car, spotted at a press/brochure photoshoot... Nuova Fiat 500X - La Prima Foto Della Crossover Italiana - Quattroruote